ok well i just had a dealer put in a viper 791xv and the first time they did it, I had a start problem where when i turned the key it wouldnt start the first time, But on the second try it would. It was as if the car's starter would just give out. They disconnected the alarm and walla it started working as advertised. Well they took about 1 day to fix it well i thought it was fixed. A week after that happend. I went out to my car and it did the same thing. I locked it using my doors instead because i was on base and it is just too sensative at the moment, and about an hour of driving around "waiting for them to open." i stoped at the're shop and turned off the car and tried again. The stupid thing started right up....wierd... After a bit of trying to duplicate it. I figured a way to do it. I started the car about 5-6 times or so and on the 7th it would'nt want to turn over(same problem). Anyone have any ideas?!?

i really need a reply on this as soon as posible, please help me out here.