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Adding Aplified 8" Sub To Monsoon

This is a discussion on Adding Aplified 8" Sub To Monsoon within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Hi I have a 99 T/A and when I bought it both monsoon subs were blown so I bought a ...

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    Adding Aplified 8" Sub To Monsoon

    Hi I have a 99 T/A and when I bought it both monsoon subs were blown so I bought a brand new set of Infinity 62.7 2-ohms and they suck for bass so then I ordered 2 replacement monsoon subs and blew one but I must admit the monsoon subs sound pretty good when both are working so right now I have one monsoon sub and one infinity 62.7 it sounds okay but it isn't enought bass it doesn't give out the kind of bass expected from a factory premium system so here's what i'm planning on doing adding a bazooka or other small enclosure type amplified 8" sub because all i'm looking for is premium bass not ground shaking but just something that gives me some thump the reason is that I dont want to add a box and subs and amps because it would add alot of weight to my car and I would have to pay alot of money to get it installed when ebay has bazookas and other type aplified subs for $120 and below with everything I would need to do it myself so has anyone ever used this set up if so how does it sound, is it a good setup, and how hard is it to install. Thanks

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    I did the 62.7i's in the sailpanel too... I used some eDead light sound deadening..behind the speaker if you look back in there there is a fairly large square cut out and basically makes a very large area for the air to move around. I totally covered it and made the space behind the speaker smaller so bass response is better. Also on the stock Monsoon sub, it had a piece of carboard stuff around the speaker and fills in a hole on the bottom of the speaker hole, since GM decided not to wire the speakers from behind and the speakers go through the hole to the back. That needs to be covered up somehow also, or it will not be sealed. I used sound deadening for that too. The 62.7i's to me have better bass and distortion is much better than the stock ones, but I also have a Camaro and only a single 2 ohm sub, might be not getting the power like the Camaro since the Pontiacs have the 2 4ohm...I haven't heard them in a T/A. I do agree you will have much better sound with a sub in there. the bazooka or any other sub will be the same wiring wise, you still need to run wires from the battery etc and mount it. There are other options like the Infinity basslink too. Anything will be better than the Monsoon setup though.
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