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Adding a 2nd amp, i need help plz. 2 questions

This is a discussion on Adding a 2nd amp, i need help plz. 2 questions within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; I am adding another amp to my setup and my question is: What is the easiest way to hook the ...

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    Adding a 2nd amp, i need help plz. 2 questions

    I am adding another amp to my setup and my question is: What is the easiest way to hook the amp into the existing setup to get power from the battery? Can i somehow splice into the existing 12v wire to run 2 amps or do i need to get a whole new 12v wire dedicated to the new amp?

    QUestion 2:
    HOw would i get it so the second amp turns on and off when the car is on/off?

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    easy solution

    hey mike.. names sean.. i got the answer for ya.. what u wanna do is basically what u said.. you dont need to run another full power cable from the battery.. you can splice them.. but i do believe they sell a connector for that.. its got an input on one side for the power cable from the battery... and two outputs on the other for running multiple amps.. but if i were you id get a second battery... and just connect the cable from the first batter to the second that your going to store in the trunk.. and just pig tail off that battery to each amp.. this way the new battery will get charged as well and will pretty much act like a capasitor.. cuz now there wont be so much drain on your altenator trying to recharge the one battery with 2 amps..

    to answer your second question is.. there is a remote switch on your amp.. where a wire is connected to the wiring harness behind your headunit.. usually to the accessory wire (usually blue.) this runs back to your amp.. and there should be a screw tie down..just like for your power and ground wires.. except a little smaller.. this is what turns on and off your amp when u turn the radio on and off.. now all you gotta do to turn on the second amp is just jump off the existing remote wire.. to the second amp and you should be good to go..

    any other questions about your system u can email me at

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    how many watts are u running between the two amps and what guage power wire are u running from the bat to the existing amp? as for your second question, run a jumper from your existing remote wire from your existing amp to your remote line of your new amp.

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    If you do not have a battery isolator I would NOT recommend adding a second battery.

    Depending on the total amount of current being drawn from the battery you may be able to use your existing power cable. In most cases a 4awg cable from the battery to a distribution block is all you need to add an amp. You could then run 8awg cable from the D-block to each amp.

    For the turn ON and OFF lead just use a jumper as mentioned by 5150 above.
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    MIKE listen to me...this is a verrryyy easy thing to do. I have not read all of the posts because the talk of needing a whole second battery threw me off! All you need is to get a distribution block, one for the power and one for the ground. Now YES, how big the amps are, their draw, etc. could require a larger HO alternator, or an isolator is nice, but you could also very easily not need all that. Bets thing to do is hook it up, run it day and night, all conditions - and monitor your output gauges and look for the obvious dimming, etc.

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