Hey guys, I am new to here, thanks ahead of time for your help.

I recently purchased a 98 TA with the monsoon radio. A few of the speakers were not working when I purchased it however; I got a good deal on the car so I wasn't worried about it. I tested speakers and they seemed to be okay. I pulled the factory stereo to recover a ratís nest of taped wires and connections. I am a novice at wiring, so I didn't worry too much about that, until I tried to reconnect via butt connecters. The colors and gauges of the wiring didn't work out. Most of the colors had a match (from the harness connection in the radio to the wires coming out of the dash) but, even the colors that did match were not necessarily the same gauge wire. The radio is a 09350812 Delco, which as far as I can tell is the original unit. I donít know what the previous owner did. I have a wiring schematic however I donít know what the harness wires are, because they are cut from the wires coming out of the dash. I have looked for a OEM harness to see if the colors match, however the monsoon radio is a little tougher to locate.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

(I do have pictures of wires from harness view and wires from dash, however because I am a new poster I can't upload)