Press Release

5Zigen USA, INC. proudly announces the release of the ProRacer ECON for North American market.

ProRacer ECON optimizes your engine's combustion with stronger sparks and boosts the ignition system. The ECON increases torque, improves gas mileage and cleans exhaust emission (less CO and HC) by supplying up to 130% higher voltage (compare to OEM). By increasing the voltage, it receives less influence from other electrical equipments and more than 100 percent of the quantity of electricity can be secured for the ignition system all the time. It gets the actual performance the spark plugs should have. There is no worry to adverse effect on the other equipments because the ECON provides a separated high-voltage circuit to ignitions only.

The product is also recommended for the cars with heavy electricity usage to stabilize the voltage supply. The ECON can be used with either distributor style single coil or the newest direct ignition system.

MSRP: $350.00, harness are sold separately $150.00.

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