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4-5 RPMs!

This is a discussion on 4-5 RPMs! within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; So, on a drive on this sunny Saturday, I noticed the Coke can dancing in the passengers cup holder. It ...

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    4-5 RPMs!

    So, on a drive on this sunny Saturday, I noticed the Coke can dancing in the passengers cup holder. It was doing about 4-5 RPMs while I was listening to some (loud) Godsmack. While driving, not sitting somewhere with the car off. I turned the stereo off and the can stopped instantly! It was not a continuos bass line like the shitty rap music has, but a nice rock and roll song. Love that massage in the back, running 2x10 subs.

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    isn't that great? I used to watch my drinks jump, dance, and boogie when I had subs... Oh back in the day when the grass was always green!

    I had 2- 15" solo baric sq's ran off 2 kick kx600.1's in the expedition, ported box... That was unreal, the pop would spill out if the can was full. By far the loudest system I ever had. The only problem was that I was always replacing amps.. I couldn't figure out why. I put it in comp, and it did swell. But the thing got quieter with everything being closed up; it hit 144.5 db

    I also had 2- 12" solo baric sq's in an extended cab sonoma, firing right into the driver and passengers ass/lower back... GIRLS LOVED IT lol it made them wet...It would hit so hard it would make your back tickle and you could feel the sizemic waves in your face... That was crazy.. The only thing that sucked is for competition, you car must be sealed. There was enough airspace and it seriously dropped almost half in volume when you closed up the truck. I hit 137db with that one.

    There was a friend of mine that had a 3rd gen camaro with 4 12" JL w4's and an extant 1000.1a ; that thing was by far the sickest setup I had seen in a camaro. The subs were in a fiberglass box in the rear hatch, one sub facing regular and one sub reversed. That thing would hit so loud it would make your ears tickle. He hit 146 in a db comp

    I do indeed love stereo equipment, but I had to quit.. I started to lose my hearing after the expedition... I started when I was 14 and quit when I was 22. To this day, once in a while my left ear rings and then feels wet... I have a hard time hearing people if there are other louder noises in the room. I wish I would have used ear plugss! Word to the wise!

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