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2000 Z28 Audio Question

This is a discussion on 2000 Z28 Audio Question within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Hi all new here, my door speakers are going out so I read the stickies in the audio section. I ...

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    2000 Z28 Audio Question

    Hi all new here, my door speakers are going out so I read the stickies in the audio section. I know nothing about car audio and just know what I have read from the stickies. Just a note: my audio system is 100% stock.

    I went to a car audio shop in my area and I went for a quote on getting the speakers replaced (this was after reading the stickies). I figured they would bring up how its supposedly hard to replace the stock camaro speakers without replacing other things as well. But sure enough ,that wasn't the case, the guy was quick to bring up two quotes for 2 pairs of 2 types of speakers they could replace mine with.

    Now this brings to question who's right, I'm inclined to believe the forum but on the other hand the car audio place has been around awhile and has a good reputation. So if I go with some Memphis speakers that they gave me a price to get and put in will I have any issues? I thought that the infinity kappa 62.7i was the only direct replacement.

    Some more questions:
    -Should I bother replacing the rear seat panel speakers? From what I have read the front door(ones that are going out) and the rear seat panel speakers only produce bass with the stock monsoon in the camaro?

    -I'm not a audiophile by any means but should I just go ahead and work towards a sound system? If so where should I start? headunit, amp, which speakers, woofer, etc...
    -and in this case anyone mind making up a checkout cart on crutchfield for a budget conscious (but at the same time efficient) starter sound system?

    Lots of questions I know, answer what you want I will appreciate any feedback.

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    First welcome to the board.. You could always find replacement speakers on here or a junk yard. People who have had wrecks of late tend to part the cars out. You could get the speakers at a good price. Then you could also go 100 % after market... But that is really more to your taste and what you want. With after market I would do the front and sail panel speakers. I would go component up front. You can do a 10" sub hidden in the back. You would need 2 amps 1 for the speakers and 1 for the sub.. You can buy 1 sub that will do all but I prefer seperate. And yes you would need a head unit of choice. Heck get a deck that plays MP3's besides CD's...
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    Welcome to the board.

    Kee audio has a few replacement packages that should work well.

    Before you start...put together a realistic budget and decide what you want from the system....stock replacement.....concert sound......mucical nirvana.

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