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12volt newbie, speaker questions on trans

This is a discussion on 12volt newbie, speaker questions on trans within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; I have a 96 trans with the 10 speaker system and built in equalizer cd head unit which i love... ...

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    12volt newbie, speaker questions on trans

    I have a 96 trans with the 10 speaker system and built in equalizer cd head unit which i love... but the speaker in the passenger door started to crack lately. i brought it to a place but they said since its an all inclsive system theyd have to redo the entire car to upgrade... i'm really not to interested in doing that anyway so i decided to just replace the speakers... but how do i know what to get? do i just go to a pontiac dealership? id rather buy brand name ones this time around like infinity or polk or whatever because i get a discount here at circuit shitty.

    ps could someone tell me the stoc specs for the 10 speakers like size, resistance, amperage, cable type/size, wattages, outputs, amp specs etc....I can't find much online about them... some people told me 6.5, some 6.75, 2ohm, 8ohm, 500watt, 1000watt, coax, component, amp powers everything, headunit powers some... *lost*

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    Best thing to do is to find out what you want to replace, then just start shopping around. If you just want to replace your standard speakers (ie 6x9's I have not done any work on a fbody system) then you can pick them up in pairs or sets. But tweeters and subs are seperate (tweeters may come in pairs). Installing is not too hard, just take your time and make sure everything fits and goes in smooth. Invest in some damping material (dynomate or foam). AND BE SURE NOT TO BREAK ANY TABS!!! That is very annoying because then the pannel with rattle.

    As for brands, if you want OEM you will prolly have to go to a dealer or find online.

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    Hmm I don't know all that much about car audio, but a do have a wee bit of knowledge.
    Your factory speakers most likely have an odd or different ohm's resistance than most aftermarkets.
    You will have to make sure that your replacement speakers MATCH the same ohm's impedance that your factory speakers do.. or the sound will be different. I THINK I remember from high school electronics that ohm's load determines power output - ( think of it that the speakers pull mandates how much power your amp/ radio puts out ) repeat here that I think ...
    IE house speakers ( some of them) are 8-16ohms and most aftermarkets are about 4..Someone probably knows what the factory Ohms are, or you can usually find it listed on the back of the speaker
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    Infinity is the ONLY company on the market that makes 2 ohm speakers like the ones you have. You could but some infinity 62.7i's for about $90 and not hook up the tweeter(it has a dual set of inputs so the tweeters do not need to be used) or you could spend around $130 and buy some infinity kappa 2ohm series components and replace the tweeter too. You could also use the 62.7is and hook up the tweeter on it and see if you like the sound and if not, then you could just go back to using the stock tweeter. I have a camaro, so I don't have the seperate tweeter and I like the sound of the 62.7i. I was going to do components and mount the tweeter on the door, but there was no need with the 62.7is since the tweeter rotates. With the camaro the tweeter is mounted on the door speaker but it a seperate connection like a component. I have no need to add a aftermarket amp since added 4 of the Infinity 62.7i's, less distortion and clearer sound now. Removing the door is pretty simple and just takes a few bolts and it pulls up and off. The Infinity kappa's will fit perfect in the doors and clear the windows.

    You could use 4ohm speakers, but they would need to be very efficient to get good sound(alpines are some that have been used with good results).
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