In stock bars are priced at, and will continue to be priced at these points until current stock runs out:

Front: $199
Rear: $189
Set of 2: $399 shipped to the lower 48 via ground ($379 plus shipping other places)

I Was informed today that prices for the next run of bars will be increasing to me. I've swallowed the last two increases, this one I have to apply.

When the current stock of bars is gone, the new prices will rise by approximately 7% due to the cost of steel and shipping. That will make front bars around $210 each, rears around $200 each. Sets somewhere around $410 (shipping will not be included at that price).

This will also effect the price of any kit that uses these bar, such as some of our HP kits.

I wanted to give you fair warning, I don't like to have to just charge you more, and prefer to give you the opprotunity to buy the parts for a lesser price is possible.