Starting at 2 PM today Jan 17th we are having a weekend Tax refund sale!
The sale is as follows :
200 dollars off the level 2 units any style
400 dollars off the level 3 units any style
Sale will end Sunday at 6 PM
As always there is no core or core charge, Shipping inside the mainland USA is free, You get a free trans cooler as always and theres something new! We now will buy your core back from you and handle the shipping to us at our exspense.
Yes thats right even though you didnt have to pay a core charge nor ever would. We will pay you for your old transmission, 150 dollars for and LS1 and 75 dollars for earlier syles. We noted that many of you had no use to keep your old unit and We figured we could pay the core dealer or pay You. If you choose to do this please let me know when you order so we can send a suitable return shipment crate to you. For those just upgrading nothings changed you can keep your core and theres no additional charge.
Please call to get this sale price. Lawaways are permitted for this sale also to do them you do not need to call just use the layway link on our website at the top or bottom of page.
I have received many PMs and emails asking whe we would have another sale and couldnt answer. They dont tell me these things in advance. But the answer is CALL NOW!