Pedders 1 Inch Drop Coils Installed!! Looks & handles Awesome

Pedders has been late in the game with our drop coils. But we are now in the game to win. Our 1 inch drop coils offer serious comfort, improved handling, and a great look. We designed these coils so you do not have to cut the bump stop, which is a big deal to protect the OE dampers. The 1 inch Pedders drop coils installed are:

220032 front drop coils
220033 rear drop coils

EO Camaro SS with 20 inch wheels

Pedders Drop Coils Installed

Coils are not made the same Here are 2 different 1 inch drop coils manufactured by different companies. . Look at the difference:

Other manufacture of 1 inch drop coils

Pedders 1 inch Drop Coils

Look at the 2 sets closely. You will see the Pedders coils use more coil wraps and larger coils. This makes a higher quality ride, and longer life, and better performing coils

Here is an old school look. 1 inch drop coils and OE height rear

The above look can be obtained using the following Pedders Performance coils:

2200322 front 1 inch drop coils
220035 rear approximately 13mm (1/2) inch rear for SS drop springs

Installing these matched coils will offer you great performance enhancement and balance. It will also give you a old school look and may allow you to fit a larger tire and wheel in the rear that may not fit properly.

If you have question, just ask