Like it says in the subject line, Koni prices will be increasing on 9/1. Thank you to our weak dollar vs. everything else in the world.

Current pricing on "4/3" $770
Current pricing on "4/4" $880
Approx. September 1 pricing on "4/3" $854
Approx. September 1 pricing on "4/4" $974

Those are huge increases for the very same shocks you can buy right now. We have about 40 sets in stock at various warehouses, I'd recommend getting them while they're hot, and not quite as much money.

As we get closer more exact pricing will emerge. I might try and play with what I can on shipping to try and offset some of the cost increases. However the price will still be significanly higher in the future.

I hope you don't mind the message. I only think it's fair to make folks aware. I don't want anyone blind-sided by the price increase. As always Koni purchases come with installation and setup instruction from me, by phone, to make sure there is no trouble.