Serious race car owners have used flexible brake hoses of extruded Teflon for decades. They are protected against abrasion and swelling by a sheath of tightly braided stainless steel wire. The resistance to "line swell" both improves the firmness or "feel" of the brake pedal and reduces the time required for effective pressure to reach the brakes and begin to slow the car. The decreased system reaction time reduces stopping distance in emergency situations-- as much as 18 feet at 80 miles per hour. Earl's HYPERFIRM® brake hoses not only meet all D.O.T., T.U.V., and J.W.A. standards and specifications for flexible brake hoses, they are individually inspected and testing before shipment. Earl's HYPERFIRM® hoses are the only Teflon stainless steel brake hoses to successfully pass all tests at a D.O.T.-contracted test laboratory