GM Manufacturing Change for the Camaro -- by Pedders USA, LLC

GM has replaced P/N 13219091 (black rubber in the pictures) with P/N 20859337 beige foam in the pictures.

The new GM bit is an excellent design. Having said that, both are discarded when installing Pedders Xa coilovers and the change in the cabin noise level is imperceptible to most Camaro owners. Even in complete OE trim with nothing but Xa coilovers the noise level change is so small no one has ever made mention of it. We think this change was driven to use the robust Camaro strut mount with other GM platforms. The Camaro strut mount and new part is shared with the Buick Lacrosse. We found this out back in December when we ordered spare 13219091 (rubber rings) and were shipped 20859337. We cross referenced the 20859337 and found it fit the new Buick. We found the first at a dealership yesterday April 21, 2010.

The new GM part is roughly 5mm larger in diameter and that does mean that Pedders 220032 front lowering coil upper eye will NOT fit the new mount. Using the Xa coilover billet mount to demonstrate the difference gives you a good idea of how much the new GM part changes the upper coil eye requirements.

Pedders will make the required changes to our 220032 which will probably result in a new part number. We will keep you posted

What this means to a Camaro owner is that if you have recently taken delivery of your Camaro (within the last thirty days or less) you should inspect the coil to strut mount before ordering lowering coils. If you see a black rubber part between the OE coil and strut mount you can use Pedders 220032 front lowering coil. If you see a beige / off white ring in this area you will need a revised lowering coil with an upper eye roughly 5mm larger in diameter. This was an early R & D picture when Pedders was testing with and without the rubber ring installed. You can see the rubber between the billet aluminum and OE strut mount.

If you are a Camaro owner with no intention of lowering your Camaro, go drive your car and enjoy it. If you are a Camaro owner who plans on lowering, Pedders Xa coilovers will fit both the rubber and urethane style mounts because we don't use them :sm0: If you have the new urethane mounts, a revised solution is on the way. Maybe the best part of this is that the new Buick LaCrosse has a bit of Camaro in it which is only fair because my Camaro has a bit of Cadillac in it.

I have already received inquiries on how to better identify the 2 insulators on the car. So here are some more pictures to assist.

With a flash light, and the Camaro in the air you should be able to tell easily. The picture below shows what the front strut looks like with the wheels off

The upper part of the strut goes into what I would call a bucket and this is where you can see the upper insulator. This is what it looks like with a Pedders Xa coil over installed:

Here is what an entire front strut looks like out of the Camaro. You can see the top piece is the strut mount assembly and the OE insulators are between the strut mount and the coil itself. It will be seriously easy to spot the new style in the car because of the color of the new style insulator being white or beige in color

This picture shows a closeup of the front Camaro strut mount, insulator and coil. The picture shows the black insulator that is between the coil and the strut mount.

If you have any questions, just ask.