That's right, I'm trying to get your holiday money out of your hands and into mine, lol!

From RIGHT NOW (basically Christmas Day) through New Year's Eve (ends at midnight on the 31st pacific time) when you order an item from my website you will receive a 10% REFUND if you e-mail me AFTER your purchase with "HOLIDAY REFUND" in the subject.

Refunds will be sent by the end of the weekend...

MAKE SURE you put the customer name and e-mail in the body so I know who to send the refund to.

It does NOT include overlays, gauge needles, rims, hoods and spoilers (my mark up on those items is not even 10%) AND it is 10% off of the product item NOT including shipping (for example, a $300 splitter already has $60 of shipping included so the 10% back comes to $24, not $30).

EVERYTHING ELSE IS 10% OFF!!! THIS INCLUDES ITEMS ALREADY ON SALE like splitters, valances, etc...!!!

So, take back those crappy gifts you DON'T want and use the cash to buy some stuff you DO want !

Have a great holiday!

Mark DeLisle