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wide tires

This is a discussion on wide tires within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; ive been lookin for a new set of wheels and tires and i was wondering what is the widest wheel ...

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    wide tires

    ive been lookin for a new set of wheels and tires and i was wondering what is the widest wheel tire size i can put on my 04 gto. i want to put 18" s on it and im wondering what the backspacing would be for the rear wheels. if any one has any recomedation for wheel tire size please feel free to share them with me

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    I started off with 17"x8.5" with an offsett of +50mm and tires of 235/45r17

    I upgraded to 18"x8" with an offset of +35,, and tires of 245/40r18

    Visit the link below for more wheel technical info that will help you find your Wheel tire combo

    For those Whom ask why go narrow, i shall share my wisedom.
    The rims i got are super lite, 21lb each, and are built for high lateral Gs. I wrapped them with stick Proxe +4 tires 10mm wider than my original ones...In a sense i copied R/C style (remote control)...Wider isnt always better...its good for draggin straight, but try and turn...Woops, i see car 95 in the bushes (Cars cartoon when he tries to turn left but ends up staright, or when he tries to turn left by turnin right and went right)

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