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Who has bought/Sold a GTO lately?

This is a discussion on Who has bought/Sold a GTO lately? within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; As the title says who has bought one lately? What price condition was it? I'm trying to allay whether or ...

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    Who has bought/Sold a GTO lately?

    As the title says who has bought one lately? What price condition was it? I'm trying to allay whether or not I can sell mine yet. I've got too many irons on the fire and too much debt so I have to jettison something. I like my GTO but I love my Z28 so the answer is the GTO has to go. Add that to the fact that I bought on impulse on a weekend and signed like a dumb ass with a 19% interest rate so that 550 a month payment could go a long way to getting my Z28 back running. With that said I owe about 13.6 ish (gotta wait till monday for payoff) and I'm just trying to get rid of it so I just want what it will take to pay it off.

    It's an 05 PBM 6M 17" rim black interior car.
    The Bad (ya it's long) it's been my 100 mile a day daily driver so it's got 136K. After the cam install the gasket I think got pinched so oil pressure drops slightly every now and then and needs to be fixed (had an oil pressure guage hooked to it for a week and the lowest it dropped was like 28-30, Even WOT saw 35+ PSI and it isn't constant but sporadic and haven't had the time nor means to fix it yet), needs a tune after the cam install, clutch pressure drop issue (going to try to fix that though), needs a new shifter handle (stock one broke on me and I welded a nut and rethreaded the handle to attach it but the knob handle spins where the plastic cover was taken off to weld the nut on), sometimes the gate is notchy (why the shifter broke), glove compartment attacment piece is broken so the glove box is held in place by the latch, the rear passenger side seat has the split that the previous owner glued back together, the radiator cover has a broken spot where the filler cap is, AC tensioner needs replacing (I have my old one off the LS1 that I might try to put on) a ding on the front fender from a big ass rock off a passing truck. The Air bag warning light is on after I installed the stereo and started the car with the seats out of it, rough spot on steering wheel at 2'Oclock (hasn't started peeling yet just starting to roughen up a bit), passenger side faux suede strip glue came undone and I glued it back, and same thing with pass side headliner right above seat, the usual hood chips from 136K highway miles, But everything else works fine (save for either a bad key or Vats thing whatever I figure out.

    The Good (depending on buyer) I have a Magic stick 3 camshaft in it with the hardened pushrods, dual springs and titanium retainers and new valve seals. It has the speed inc ported LS6 oil pump, DIY air/oil separator, K&N filter, Flowmaster 1 series mufflers, Pioneer AVIC N5 flip up touch screen nav/dvd stereo, Infinity 4 channel amp driving infinity kappa perfect 6.5 components in the doors, and infinity 3way 6x9's in the sails, Pioneer 740 watt amp driving an old ass Pioneer IMPP 12 (needs replacing surround is ripping but still hits pretty good amazingly), Amps power dist blocks and component boxes are installed on a rack I made in the trunk attached to the gast tank brace/support/protection whatever thing back there.

    Basically as I said do you think I can sell it for what I owe based on that? Or in otherwords would you have paid that for the condition it's in honestly? I know if I can find a seller it would more than likely be someone like one of us rather than a average joe based on the cam alone. I just want to get an idea if I should wait a little longer. I don't need sugar coating be honest. It will be about a month anyway as I have to fix my little scoot bucket before I can list it anyway.
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    I've seen some 05's in north texas with aroun 85000 miles
    Sell for only 14500..but I don't know..It might all depend where your from

    And upgrades is a plus for someone looking for an already
    Fast gto..faster!!!

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    Why can't you be in maryland da***

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    Intresting you posted this cause i was kinda curious what i could get for my GOAT to to get rid of some debt.And if anybody up here would want it
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    I'll be honest I don't think your going to get the 13.6 that you owe. What the blue book? I've been seeing some steep prices lately like 19-22k for a 50k 05-06. Shit if I could get that for mine I'd sell in a heart beat, that would be a 6-7k profit with putting 30k on the car over the last 2 years.

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    In all honesty I doubt youll get any bites at 13.5k. GTO prices are all over the place and there are some deals out there. Ive bought 2 05s recently.

    First had 85k on it for 12k

    Current had 47k miles on it for 14k.


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