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Weighed My 05 GTO A4 Today!

This is a discussion on Weighed My 05 GTO A4 Today! within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I would deff want to know, I dont ever plan on towing. Some pics of the stuff would be awsome....

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    I would deff want to know, I dont ever plan on towing. Some pics of the stuff would be awsome.

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    v brace

    its not 50-60 pounds, id say 15 and u just pop off the plasatic piece and i think its a 17mm socket its a v brace i took mine off yesterday after reading this thread im trying to lighten up my goat as much as possible and still look stock

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    Yeah it may be.....I know it was "heavy"....and useless.....I stripped all the lining out of the trunk...took off all the plastic bullshit underneath....the spare tire and all that bullshit....the "tow bar" went in the dumpster......we dropped like 50 lbs with all that bullshit.....

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    now if we could just get some fiberglass fenders we would be set lol

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    Other good mods include installing an aluminum flywheel which saves 25 lbs in unsprung weight. Every pound of unsprung weight is worth about 6-7 lbs of sprung weight. So, if you take 100 lbs off the wheels, flywheel, rotors etc., it is like removing 600-700 lbs in sprung weight. This is one of the reasons I am not a big fan of upgrading to 05 rotors and calipers. Just put in C-4 pads and save some weight.

    Also, aftermarket sway bars are usually hollow. If you have ever removed the front sway on a goat, do not drop it on your foot or the next stop will be the hospital. Its solid and the SOB must weight 20 lbs. Shit can the plastic cover over the trailer hitch, most of the rear brake back plates, the hood liner, the coil covers, the over flow tank which you can replace with a small 1 qt unit, the horns if you like, of course the rear seats and the glove box door, AC system, which are all freebies. The glove box door is another one. It must weigh 8 frickin lbs, which is ridiculous. Remove one of the two power steering cooler brackets. Take out the fog lamps and you will also notice the rush of air going into the engine compartment. All three grills, if you like.

    If your into spending some money, then replace the gas tank gaurd with an aluminum one. It made an identical one from alumunum and I do not think it weighs more than 5 pounds. I replaced with aluminum the front and rear bumpers. But if you cannot do this, then simply remove them. I did not weigh them, but they felt like about 8 lbs apiece, perhaps a little more, and again a freebie. Their purpose is to protect the body and radiator in a 5 MPH crash and no more.

    The fenders are not worth replacing unless for looks. Replacing the hood of course will save weight but is expensive. Removing the hood liner will save a few pounds and release more heat. Also, remove the firewall gasket except around the air intake. Upgrade to a BBK, they are usually lighter. If you wrapped the headers and exhaust pipes like me, then you can remove the 4 or 5 heat shields from the underbody, and there are a punch of other little brackets and soforth that you do not really need. Install a fifteen lb battery, or relocate the full size battery to the trunk where it will do some good.

    I am working on an aluminum K-member for the front first and possibly the rear later on. I am going to set up a jig to make the gas tank gaurd and front and rear bumpers as well as one for the K-members. If you guys are interested in those parts, please let me know here.

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