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Video Comparison: X versus H

This is a discussion on Video Comparison: X versus H within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; First up is the X-pipe View Video on FQuick I swapped out the X-pipe with a Stolenfox H-pipe. View Video ...

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    Video Comparison: X versus H

    First up is the X-pipe

    View Video on FQuick

    I swapped out the X-pipe with a Stolenfox H-pipe.

    View Video on FQuick

    Just thought I'd make a video journal of the differences in sound between x and h. And FWIW I noticed no difference in torque at all.

    Also proud to say my car is wheel hop free. That may be because of the lack of traction though. That damn strip was covered with tiny rocks!

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    Cool clip's.

    Good post.

    There is a major difference in sounds between mufflers and a X or a H.

    More so even with chambered type mufflers.

    And to even through a third option in is the sound of a cam on TRUE duals NO crossover whether it be a X or a H. I love the drumming effect with TRUE duals and a nice big cam. I'll take a 5-12hp loss for the sound.
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