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Tweaking SD Tune

This is a discussion on Tweaking SD Tune within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Any thoughts you guys may have feel free to share..... She is running excellent. Starts/runs great..... We have her going ...

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    Tweaking SD Tune

    Any thoughts you guys may have feel free to share.....
    She is running excellent. Starts/runs great.....
    We have her going into closed loop at 134f.
    Idle at A/F of 14.5 WOT 12.4 Cruising 70mph 14.5
    Probably could lean her out a touch at WOT...cruising I could get her to 15.1
    but dont know if I would realize much of anything.....
    160 Tstat.....yesterday it was 95f...I had the A/C town and on the highway she never saw above 190-195......
    Oil Temps stay at 180-190........
    Any comments or observations?

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    Thats the only thing I see sarge, is to lean it out a bit, but your gains would probably be minimal. It looks good from the way you describe it. My .02 worth

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    Question for you Sarge, Keep in mind I dont really know my speed density tunes please.

    Are you using a second IAT? You have to dont you?
    I believe ONE of your referance values is your MAP.... correct? What bar are you using? I guess you wouldnt need anything higher than a 1?

    I have heard that speed density tunes do not like big lope cams because of the long duration erratic manifold pressures. Is this true? Again, I dont know much about speed density

    Also, alot of people I know say its almost not worth it to go SD because of the extra time and effort it takes calulating the VE tables( and more importantly, a tuner than knows what hes doing with SD)
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    I'd lean out the cruise if you are concerned with gas mileage. I'm running around 15.5:1 right now. Any more than that and it'll surge. With the GT2-3 cam, I was as high as 16.4:1.

    Could get 30mpg for the tank with the old cam. New cam can only do 27mpg as a high so far.

    On the Mustang dyno, I saw the most power at 12.8:1. I tried richer and leaner but that seemed to be the sweet spot for my car.

    I go into CL at 92F instead of the stock 131F.

    SD tunes, if done right, can take on any cam. Factory SD tunes can't readily adjust as easily as a MAF though. For any car to perform right, it really needs to be tuned SD. After that is right, then tune for the MAF. You can mickey mouse it and go straight for the MAF, but that is kind of a hack way of doing it.
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