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Well, I drive a 2006 Grand Prix that I owe 15 grand on still. I am thinking about trading it in and buying a 05 GTO. I have been seeing these cars going for very low 20's.. If i could get 15 grand for my GP, put that plus maybe 1500 towards the GTO, shit, i would owe less than what i do now and own my dream. I am definately thinking 05-ls2 is the only way to go. I probally wont have money to mod it for a while. Definately wont be able to drop my 408 that i think about all day into it. But that doesnt matter. I will also have to buy a DD for the MI season's. I am thinking a older jeep. Good in the winter is what i need. Whatcha guys and gals think? Good idea? Or should i be saving my money's to get otta the homestead. Im 20 years old BTW with a good job. So i would be pushing off moving into my own place by at least a year. But hey, i would have my GTO.... err right? Then the next ? would be do i want a manual or be the quickest in the 1/4 with a stalled auto? Im leaning towards a nice stalled auto. So what you people think of my idear? Should i save up and move out? Or re-up and get some HP for my addiction?

Well Cstudy up on the new upcoming G8 ,, it well replace the grand prix. Its hot Abc news has a video of it. Holden sties shows there version.