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This is a discussion on Temp OVERHEAT!! within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Long time no see fella's. Overheating problem went away, but is now back with a vengeance! I drove the car ...

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    Long time no see fella's. Overheating problem went away, but is now back with a vengeance! I drove the car to a burger joint, and the temp got over the halfway mark. It overheated on me yesterday sitting at a red light; it was about 70 degrees outside and I wasnt sitting for more than 20 seconds. The radiator fan comes on and it still reads hot, but eventually goes back down. Since I cant afford a 160 t-stat right now, Im checking for air bubbles. I let the car sit for a while then took the radiator shroud and cap off. As soon as the cap came off, I heard bubbling coming from the reservoir where the yellow dipstick is, and the level in the radiator cap dropped about 4 inches. My question here (and I've looked all over for an answer...) is this... Is the area under the actual radiator cap supposed to be topped off? I worked in a garage a few years back and Im pretty sure it was filled. Any suggestions or better yet, a step by step to what I should do would be awesome. This feels like something I should know, but alas, I dont. Thank God for the forums and fellow car guys.

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    I would top it off just to be safe. Top it off and run it for a few minutes with the cap off.

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