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Sueaking noise coming from rear

This is a discussion on Sueaking noise coming from rear within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; When driving a squeking noise is coming from the rear tires, it stops when i press the brakes. I got ...

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    Sueaking noise coming from rear

    When driving a squeking noise is coming from the rear tires, it stops when i press the brakes. I got new brake pads about two months ago so i know they are not worn down. It sounds like the squeak it would make from worn down brake pads but i checked them and its not that. I took it in to where they replaced my pads and they said they couldn't find anything wrong and started talking that my rotors are just about at spec maybe lower and they could replace them all, but they never even took off my rear tires while it was on the lift?? I have 64k miles on my car and no mods to the tires or suspension. I guess im just looking for other possible reasons this squeak would be happening? its not loud but its annoying the french toast outta me

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    ive done a lot of brake jobs over the years, and with the materials they use on pads today they do make a lot of noise. one thing i used to do to all my brake jobs is bevel the edge of the brake pads. this would usually help with the slight squeal. also if they turned the rotors ive seen mechanics not cut far enough into the center of the rotor and the edge rides on the pad and can cause a squeal. just some things to look at and good luck.

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    also might want to check your parking break shoes. they are shoes in the center of your rear rotor, they are small, doubt if they are worn, but might need an adjustment

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