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Stupid Shit....

This is a discussion on Stupid Shit.... within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ricers talk....we haul ass....I hit em in the head with exhaust aint it......

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    Ricers talk....we haul ass....I hit em in the head with exhaust aint it...

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    LOL YEA....GTO's Can only take australian oil!....Didnt u get the memo? GM Posted this

    "The new GTO can only us 5K30 Motor Oil. THis special Oil is made with a special ingredient Native to the Australian Island. Its what the "K" stands for in 5K30.....Kangaroo. With this synthetic blend of Kangaroo and Motor Oil the engine is protected and guaranteed not to break for at least 200K!"

    So dont go around buying this cheap american oil that has false advertising about being the best motor oil money can buy, and how its full synthetic. Go to and enter in for your chance to own a lifetime supply of this special 5K30!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joegtox View Post
    i got a question i have a 2005 pontiac gto in the menu after u turn the key what is the stage 2 option?
    Hi Joe. I believe that the second menu item is the underspeed/overspeed chime. when set, a chime goes off if you exceed the desired speed that you set it to and chimes again when you get back down to the set speed.
    I hope this answered your ?
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    i found out what the stage 2 means its the stage 2 door unlock thing its all good now i thought it wuz like a stage 2 horsepower thing like the vettes did back in the day but what ever guys and keep the GTO LOVE STRONG...

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