Southern Trans Am Regional Show - "Stars" Studded Show
The Sixth Annual Southern Trans Am Regional Show (STARS) proved to be spectacular this year for the 95 Firebirds and Trans Ams that attended. Approximately 200 people came from as far away as Arizona and North Dakota to enjoy Florida's largest single display of stock to wildly modified Trans Ams, Formulas, Firebirds and Firehawks.
The STARS was held from March 16-18, 2007, in Destin, Florida. The weather was beautiful with clear skies, brisk morning temperatures, pleasantly warm afternoons and, of course, incredible Trans Ams.
This year, the STARS changed locations to the Destin Commons, a main-street-style shopping complex and home of the Bass Pro Shop. It allowed thousands of Destin and Fort Walton Beach residents, tourists, and dedicated F-body fans to enjoy the show. The location change was applauded by most of the attendees. Families enjoyed the event, while also shopping in the retail stores of the Destin Commons.
Many participants arrived on March 16th to beat the weekend crowds, register and pass through the tech line early. Then attendees enjoyed a beach dinner at Sterling Shores Condo. There, as the sun set against the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico, registrants had a chance to relax after their drives to the event, and to mingle with other Trans Am lovers in attendance.
On the morning of March 17th, attendees packed the Destin Commons' spacious parking area for car washing, tech line, registration, and the car show display. By 10:00 a.m., the two-sided gentle S-curve of the Destin Commons' main street was lined with Firebirds and Trans Ams from every generation. T/As flaunted their stuff in front of the retail stores. With single-row parking on each side of Main Street, every Bird had a perfect parking spot.
After a full day of showing off, a beach cruise with Trans Ams and Firebirds proceeded out from the Destin Commons parking lot and north up Destin's Gulf Boulevard to the beach. With sirens blaring from a string of the local sheriff's Smokey-cars, it appeared that a whole consortium of multi-generation T/As was getting pulled over Buford T. Justice-style. Not to worry, the sheriffs were hired to provide escort for the cruise.
Then attendees enjoyed a seaside dinner at "The Back Porch," followed by a big screen double feature: Smokey Yunick and John DeLorean from a past POCI Convention, followed by Smokey and the Bandit. After the movies, attendees met for a pre-planned after-dark rendezvous at "Howl at the Moon," a local dueling piano bar. It was after midnight when the day's long and fun-filled activities finally wound down
March 18th proved to be the most beautiful day of the show with a warm morning, which led to a picture-perfect afternoon. Crowds were large; everybody from kids to great-grand-parents wanted to get close to the Trans Ams. The points judges stayed hard at work ensuring every one of the Pontiacs in attendance was professionally judged. After three great days, the STARS concluded at 5:00 p.m., when trophies were awarded to the best Firebirds and T/As in attendance.
All in all, the representation of Trans Ams and Firebirds was impressive, with examples from '67 all the way to '02. It was evident that the show's promoters took great pride in it. Every aspect of tech, registration, instructions and display was handled efficiently and professionally.
The Seventh Annual STARS is scheduled for March 2008 but the date has yet to be set. For further information visit or call (850) 863-9516.
STARS 2007 Results Specialty Award Winners Sponsored ByBest Of Show Bass Pro ShopChris & Christi Reynolds Red '69 FB convertible2007 #1 Star American Cancer Society-Emerald Coast UnitBob Rahl Pewter '99 T/ADealer's Choice Lee Pontiac-GMC-JeepRay Morell White '94 T/ABest Engine Parrett PlumbingChris & Christi Reynolds Red '69 FB convertibleBest Paint National Parts DepotTimothy Bozoki Red '02 T/A Best Interior Tricel HoneycombRon Nichols Yellow '98 FB Most Votes & People's ChoiceRon Nichols Yellow '98 FB Stock Classes Sponsored byA'67-'69 National Parts Depot of Ocala, FL1stMark KieferRed '69 FBB'70-'76LA Equipment Service & Sales of Millbrook, AL1st Tony & Tricia BeckerWhite '70-1/2 T/A2ndLinwood RobbinsOrange '76 Formula3rdGene SandersBlack '76 T/AC'77-'78F-body of Dunlap, TN1st Sonya BishopBlack '77 T/A2nd Stoney SappingtonBrown '77 T/A3rdMark HaynesBlack '78 T/ACC'79Longhorn Steakhouse of Fort Walton Beach, FL1st Tod WarmackBlue '79 T/A2nd Harold SullivanBlack '79 T/A3rdPaul KenneyBlack '79 T/AD'82-'92Tricel Honeycomb of Gurnee, IL1st Chris Del CottoRed '83 FB2nd Dennis Wilson'92 FBEEE'01-'02Lee Pontiac-GMC-Jeep of Fort Walton Beach, FL1st David EricksonSilver '02 Formula2nd Chad WestBlack '02 T/ALight-Modified ClassesSponsored ByFEarly '67-'69F-Body of Dunlap, TN1st Jim Tuttle'68 FBFFEarly '70-'76Sal's Mufflers & Brakes of Fort Walton Beach, FL1stGeorge BergWhite '70-1/2 T/A2ndMichael StucchioRed '73 Formula3rdTracy LandrumBlack '76 T/AFFFEarly '77-'81LA Equipment Service & Sales of Millbrook, AL1st Bill HalseyRed '79 T/A2nd Jim ThompsonSilver '79 Formula3rdJan RogersRed '77 T/AGMid '82-'92 The Pontiac Man/Preston Grant of Talladega, AL1st John KirkbrideYellow '92 T/A2nd Bryan MoretYellow '87 FB3rdRobert FryeryBlack '86 T/AGGLate '94-'00LA Equipment Service & Sales of Millbrook, AL1st George & Sherry SiegelBlue '99 T/A2nd Steven Drivick Pewter '00 Formula3rdRay & Debra MorrellWhite '94 T/AGGGLate '01-'02No Sponsor Listed1st Mark SeverYellow '02 T/A CETA2nd Ronnie & Joye Keen Yellow '02 T/A CETA3rdJustin BooneOrange '02 T/AHeavy-Modified ClassesSponsored ByIMid '82-'92Edmond's Hot Rod Shop of Mosspoint, MS1st Chris PetroskieWhite '91 FormulaIILate '93-'02Kathy Brown's Personal Touch Dog Training & Pet Services of Fort Walton Beach, FL1st Dale & Angela HendersonMaroon '94 T/A2nd Jan & Chuck GillenBlack '95 T/ALight-Custom ClassesSponsored ByJEarly '67-'81Hendricks Realty Service of Milton, FL1stJerry FullerRed '67 FB2nd Mike Cundiff JrRed '78 T/A3rdBill GoforthWhite '79 T/AKMid '82-'92Hawks Third Generation of Easley, SC1stRobert & Chris Rahl Black '91 T/AKKLate '93-'02Tricel Honeycomb of Gurnee, IL1st Cliff SwenaOrange '02 FormulaHeavy-Custom ClassesSponsored ByLEarly '67-'81Ames Performance Engineering of NH 1st Chris & Christi ReynoldsRed '69 FB2nd Rick TatroBlack '81 T/A3rdJack & Tara DaleGrey '68 FBMMid '82-'92Hawks Third Generation of Easley, SC1st Ron NicholsYellow '89 FB2nd Johnny HamiltonBlack '88 FB3rdJason Cromer White '89 T/AMMLate '74-'99Panhandle Paint & Body of Fort Walton Beach, FL1st Bob RahlPewter '99 T/A2nd Kenny RozellGreen '98 T/A3rdDan Williams Black '93 T/AMMMLate '00-'02 1st Paul MyersYellow '02 T/A CETA2ndBill & Candy HendricksOrange '02 T/A3rdOrville EsclusiaYellow '02 T/A CETAPro Street-All YearsSponsored ByN The Pontiac Man/Preston Grant of Talladega, AL1st Neal AllisonBlack '97 T/A2nd Ron Topp Yellow '02 T/A CETA3rdMichael Meeks Blue '00 T/AFirehawk-All YearsSponsored ByP Hawks Third Gen Of Easley, SC1st Jeff & Wendy WernerRed '02 FirehawkSurvivor Sponsored ByQ'67-81Dr Ken Whidden- Emerald Coast Chiropractic of Destin, FL1st Keith Peck Black '76 50th Anniversary T/A Daily Drivers Sponsored ByR'89-'95Panhandle Paint & Body of Fort Walton Beach, FL1st Steven Hamilton Maroon '91 T/A 2nd Paul FriesMaroon '89 T/A GTA Daily Drivers Sponsored ByS'96-'02Panhandle Paint & Body of Fort Walton Beach, FL1st Chris KirkbrideMaroon '00 FB2ndJennifer WilliamsGreen '98 T/A3rdDenise Sever Silver '98 T/A

Photo Gallery: Southern Trans Am Regional Show - High Performance Pontiac

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