ok i took my rear spoiler off my 04 goat back in may. during that time i was referred to top shelf performance by many respectable users on this forum and the same on others. i was especially referred to sean.
well during may i called top shelf and asked for sean and never once was able to speak anyone. all i got is their voice mail in which i left a message about three times a week for a month, i was determined to get the plugs for the trunk holes of where the spoiler would be.
since then i just said whatever but thought that maybe by now they would have gotten their act together. i have called them everyday for the past three days (not sun and sat) left voice mails and never got a call back or EVER have spoken to anyone. SCREW TOP SHELF PERFORMANCE AND SCREW SEAN!!!!. by the way does anyone else know where to get these plugs. i know i can make em myself but i'd rather have them all ready done and painted? thanks