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Well stock motor or modified motor the OEM motor mounts flex all to hell. This causes a "delay" in getting the torque to the driveline. Worse is the shock to the driveline when it does quit twisting and reaches its maximum flex and starts delivering the revs to the driveline. This is a major cause of "wheel hop" in our cars by the way..... We want instant torque. We shall have it.
So for many GTO owners (04-06) we have installed poly motor mounts. Some have also modified their trannie mount with windshield "poly glue" to stiffen the engine/trannie and stop all this flexing. Motor mounts are a PITA to replace IMHO but worse than that they will shake the enamel off your fucking teeth. Car shakes all to hell. Some worse than others but nevertheless it transfers the motor vibration to the chassis through the poly mounts.
Back in the day many of us chained our motors down. We literally bolted a chain to the drivers side head and then to the chassis. This stopped the engine from twisting towards the passengers side and gave us instant torque along with a giant woody. It worked. But the down side was it tried like hell to pull your drivers side head off the motor And often times would loosen the head bolts on the drivers side head over time. Ricers in lil turbo/nitrous Honda's and Toyota's have been using Ingalls Stiffy's for some times to kill this torque flex. It bolts to the passenger side head and then to the chassis. This pushes against the motor versus pulling. I help quite a few kids in this area work on their cars and I can tell you the "Stiffy" works and doesn't have the downside of the chain method. Well Ingalls finally made a kit for the GTO. So I got one and installed it. Sum bitch. What a difference. Instant torque. No engine flex. Easy install. Quality and stout as a sum bitch.
First install the motor bracket. You guys with batteries up front will need to remove your battery. I have a rear mounted battery but do have the electrical connections and a vacuum reserve cannister where the battery used to be so that is the crap you are seeing I had to get all of that out of the way. I have a catch can and it poses no issues whatsoever fyi.
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Pull of the passenger side wheel and drill 3 holes for the two brackets on the chassis. At first I thought this may be flimsy as the fender metal is thin as hell. But where they put it (the chassis bracket) it goes right in a seam and that is stout as hell. Also when you bolt the inner and outer brackets it is not ever going anywhere.
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Here is the outer bracket. Man look at them new Monroe struts and Pedders springs will ya
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Install the "shock absorber" between the two brackets. Clean it up. Re-install whatever you took out ...

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Fire that bitch up and roll. I will tell you.....stock or modified this mod makes you grin. Instant torque. No vibration. Cheap and easy to do. I highly recommend it.
Here is the may check on the 05 and 06 GTO's being different than the 04's. I didn't ask about 05/06 GTO's when I got this one for my 04. I know 05 and 6's are different over there on the passenger side fender well. I dunno....just be sure and check with them....
another good post out of that thread where Texas Jack whittled one to fit on an 06.

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Ok, I got the stiffy in Friday evening so I started to look at it on Saturday morning. Took the battery out and the passenger tire off. Mounted the plate to the head first, don't know about the 04 but the 06 has a bolt holding a harness on the top bolt, took it out and removed the catch can, after some checking bolted the plate up, no problem put everything back on the front plate on the passenger head. Now on to the fender side of the install, put the brackets together as per the instructions, loose, would not fit because of the ABS bracket and the battery tray, pulled the battery tray out and tryed again, no go. So after some thoughts brought out the grinder, took a good bit out of the forward bracket on the top side so it would clear the ABS bracket and put the battery tray back and did a test fit, the battery bracket was in the way and the work on the top side was still hitting the ABS bracket---so back out and some more trimming on the top side of the bracket to clear the ABS bracket, got it right, it fit in the seam but the battery tray was still in the way. Now i trimmed the bottom of the bracket at the battery tray and the battery tray also, finally it fit between the two!!!!!! So I said I have one shot to get it in the seam right. Took the brackets that went on the fender side and bolted front and inside fender together and tighting the two bolts that went to the inside of the car under the hood, after that took the fender side bracket off, put the inside bracket up to the fender and after I was happy marked the hole to drill, drank a beer and drilled a pilot hole put the bracket back up on the fender to make sure it was centered and it was drilled the 3/8 and put the bolt in lined every thing up and tighting the bolt up. From the inside of the wheel housing drilled two more pilot holes and they lined up perfect what a relief so drilled the 3/8 and bolted it up after every thing was right took it out and painted everything flat black and reassembled and like Sarge said stout as hell the rest is history just put the stiffy in there and adjust. What a difference one of the best mods I have done between the drag bags and the stiffy no more wheel hop and can launch the M-6 like a mo fo. Long but it is not a bolt in for the 06. Regards, Jack
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