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which rotors look better??

This is a discussion on which rotors look better?? within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; are the ones from marylandspeed. really worth the extra money??...

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    which rotors look better??

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    IMO those power stops are fine.

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    The ones from Maryland speed look of better quality. IMO.

    Now if you are looking to improve the braking perfomance of your '04 GTO, I'm going to merely make a suggestion to you. When I got my '04 I noticed that the brakes were very lacking when speeds were 80 mph and above. So I looked at slotted rotors, etc. Then one day while on ebay, I noticed a business listed as "fparts" out of Bristol PA, was selling a '05-'06 Big Red brake setup off of a wreck. He deals in late model Firebird, Camaro, Corvette and now GTO wrecks.

    I missed the auction, so I contacted him and he sold me the same brake setup outside of ebay. It came with all 4 calipers, factory red powdercoated "PBR2's", 4 rotors. I had them resurfaced for $20. The '05-'06 front rotors are huge compared to the stock '04's, and the rears are vented vs. solid. Front calipers are larger, rears are the same, just powdercoated red. Brake hoses were still attached and like new. Car was definitely low mileage. And it came with the knuckles so theres no need to sleeve down the caliper bolt holes. It took me about 2 hrs to swap everything over and bleed the brakes

    Cost for the '05-'06 brake setup (calipers w/hoses,rotors,knuckles)was a little over $500. Hawk front pads from Pep Boys $89. Napa ceramic rear pads $60.All in all it was a major improvement over the stock '04 brakes. I've had my car up to 144 mph and the upgrade pulled the car down in speed very nicely.
    So you may want to consider going this route. You get a little more for your money.
    04 Cosmos Purple M6, SAP Grills & Spoiler, '05 Hood, Procharger, TrickFlow 515 HP H/C Kit, SLP LT Headers/LM II, '05 Big Red Brake upgrade, Drag bags, Holden CV8R wheels, GMM Ripshifter. Tuned by New Era: 515 rwhp/471 ft.lbs. Retuned by J&J Speed: Speed Density tuned 586rwhp/ 492 ft.lbs.

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    I dunno....I'm a function before form increase braking power with the stock setup.....significantly by the cheap and simple......
    Steel braided brake lines and Valvoline Synthetic Brake Fluid....big difference.....

    I think you'll see a major difference just with the above.....but if you wanna go big brakes...then I offer my humble observations. Drilled rotors suck. Crack where the drilled holes are. Slotted is OK.....but drilled can/do crack. I like the BAER brakes....they are pretty and slam my face into the windshield making me happy
    I have the drilled rotors....I cracking so far....but many others have had cracking.....

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    thanks guys for all your advice. i got a lot of ways to go with this. ill keep ya posted with what i do and with more questions...

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