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Removing the Front License Plate

This is a discussion on Removing the Front License Plate within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey everyone, i was wondering if anybody has removed the front license plate that comes stock on some 04's, it ...

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    Question Removing the Front License Plate

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if anybody has removed the front license plate

    that comes stock on some 04's, it looks like on mine its is screwed into the

    bumper and i didnt want to take it off and there be holes in my bumber.


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    Oh yes, I've done this and it really got me fired up when I took the holder off. You'd think the holder was there to prevent holes in the bumper but it does the exact opposite. When I took off the holder I found five holes in the bumper. Unfortunately, once the holder was off I liked the look and didn't want to put it back on. Here's what you do.

    Get a 7/16 drill bit and drill out the three pins that hold the plate holder on. After that you should be able to pull the holder off. Next, get a 1/4 bit and make the holes bigger. Then go to Lowe's and get some 1/4 in nylon plugs. I used white plugs an painted them to match. I scuffed them up with sandpaper and painted them with touch up spray paint I got from the dealer. (Be sure you don't paint these while they're in the bumper FYI!)

    After you put on a few coats of base color and it dries thoroughly get some Rustoleum clear coat (or other clear coat) and put on a few coats of that. When it dries you're good to go. I noticed my plugs didn't want to stay in very well so I put a drop of super glue in each hole.

    The result is pretty good for what it is. Obviously you can see the plugs if you're close but about 15' away it all blends together. Your other option is to go and have a body shop fill and repaint the entire bumper. From what I've heard this costs about $600-$800 depending on where you get it done. I've also heard that since the bumper flexes while you're driving the filler cracks and has to be redone. I hope this helps.

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