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Regular v. Premium Gas

This is a discussion on Regular v. Premium Gas within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by QuickSilverGTO I put 87 in my 05 one time to see. It had spark knock really bad. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickSilverGTO
    I put 87 in my 05 one time to see. It had spark knock really bad. I had to put 104 octane booster in it to get it to stop knocking. From my experience wouldn't put anything lower than 93 in. I agree with 1badcobravert you want cheap gas buy a cheap car. It cost money to go fast!
    Thank you for responding! Actually, I DON'T want to run 87 octane, I want to find a formula to get a higher octane than what I can get from the pumps using the C16 I have in the garage. I am wanting to know if there would be any problems with mixing in the C16. To keep the octane in the range that I want, I'd have to mix it with a low octane pump gas. I know I can't run the C16 straight, lol! When I had my TransAm, it ran the best on a 95 octane that I could only get at one station. I don't live anywhere near that station anymore, so that's not an option. Short of building another race car (though we would love to!), we don't have use for the C16 so I am trying to come up with a way to avoid wasting that AND make something that the GTO would be happy with.

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    "Don't waste your money with that stuff. Get some C16 and mix it to the octane that you need.

    For example, you could make GT104 with a 1 part C16 to 2 parts 93 pump mix, and that would cost you around $3.60 a gallon(i'm sure GT104 costs much more)."

    Found this on supraforums so im guessing that it would work. you could probably get somewhere in the mid to high 90s in octane if you mixed 2 parts 87 pump with 1 part c16

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    Nice try but C16 contains 6 grams of lead per gallon. Using even a 1/3 mix is going to poision your cats and Oxygen sensors.

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