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Rear Console Air Vents

This is a discussion on Rear Console Air Vents within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well I dont know how it happened but my two little air vents in the back of the console that ...

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    Rear Console Air Vents

    Well I dont know how it happened but my two little air vents in the back of the console that blow air in the back seat got "swallowed"....I listen to the Goat like a sum bitch and can hear any variation instantly...of course they rattled a tad and I heard em.....I saw them back in the "socket" and thought WTF? How in the hell did that my 5 year old Grandson is suspect number1 as he likes to get in the back and hold on to the rollbar....but I digress.....
    So I go out this morning to fix it....I'm looking at them things and figuring how to get to them.....thought I was going to have to take the entire damn console out...well no....there are two little screws right at the back/rear of the console...just move both front seats all the way forward....and they are right there at the back/bottom......take em out and lift the bottom of the plastic frame and voila...the entire assembly comes vents just snapped back in where they were supposed to be so nothing was broken......and then the entire assembly just pops back....put the two screws back and your golden....
    Just making a note as somebody ( with kids probably) will be in the same boat and may find this via the search....

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    i need to remember this. thanks sarge

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    yep, been down this road twice so far. Mine was the flip out door on the back of the console. It has a habit of flipping out on it's own and then my son steps on it and pulls it off the pins. This last time I just left it off.

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