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This is a discussion on Questions within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Modifications to date: 1) K & N CAI 2) 160 thermostat 3) diablo tune (reset both fans) 4) increased WOT ...

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    Modifications to date:

    1) K & N CAI
    2) 160 thermostat
    3) diablo tune (reset both fans)
    4) increased WOT by 5% on each bank to avoid leaning out - i got two codes (lean fuel on both banks) which i quickly fixed
    5) Increased rev limiter by 100rpm through the entire gear box (M6)

    1) Should I get an electric water pump? I think'in yes...given the new tune seems run to be running hotter and electric pumps push a higher volume of water
    2) How much HP and torque do you think I gained at the fly wheel?

    I'm going to a dyno this summer and I'm not sure what to expect, but she feels significantly quicker.

    Also, I thinking about new exhaust headers (ceramic coated) to contain the heat. My goal is to look stock though so I not changing from the cats back. So if I go 1 7/8 to a stock cat back am I defeating the purpose?

    Input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Here is what I had on my 1st base dyno SLP ceramic coated headers, SLP MAF sensor, LoudMouth2 exaust, K&N CAI, and Diablo tune...332.4rwhp is what I got. You'll be around 300-315 rwhp with no headers and exaust, thats what I would guess, If you get headers I would go with Stainless Works, because they do not drop down as low as my SLP ceramics, all though they look great and work well, but I wished I'd done some more reasearch..btw I'd do whole exaust, if I were to put on headers.
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    Personally, I would not have used the 160* stat. These engines are designed to run within a certain heat range. IMO, I would install the pre programmed performance tune with the predator (with exception to the fan delays) and leave it till you get some headers and get it on the dyno for a full tune.
    Stick with 1 3/4" headers......there is absolutely no need for 1 7/8" on these cars. Stainless Works and Kooks are about the best headers on the market....coating is up to you, but there is really no need. And lastly, no, there is no need for an elec. water pump.
    Save your cash for the headers and tune.
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