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This is a discussion on Predator within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey does anyone have a good predator tune they are willing to share, and whats the max horsepower u can ...

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    Hey does anyone have a good predator tune they are willing to share, and whats the max horsepower u can get out off those things.

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    The tune below was developed by a NASCAR tuner for an A 04 GTO.
    I do not have the list mods he had on the car when he developed this tune.

    Any changes to the idle will be overridden by the PCM.
    If you intend to modify the diablo tune, once you make changes you'll need to go back and monitor your Long Term Fule Trims after 30 minutes of driving to ensure they are at 0 or -1%.

    WOT Fuel Mixture
    2K-4K +8% Rich
    4K-7K +5% Rich

    WOT Spark Advance
    2K-4K +2% Advance in Winter (Use 1% in Summer)
    4K-7K +6% Timing

    Drive:w/o AC +50
    Drive: w/AC =50
    Park/Neutral: w/AC +100
    Park/Neutral: w/o AC +100

    Fan On/Off Temps for 160/180 Thermostat
    Fan 1 OFF 191.x
    Fan 1 ON 201.x
    Fan 2 OFF 202.x
    Fan 2 ON 212.x

    Fuel Injector Slope
    minus(-) 7

    ALL Torque Settings Management

    COT Temperature

    *****This is all you need for an M6 (set rev settings to your comfort level)*

    For A4 GTO's these are the shift settings:

    Shift Time
    1-2 -6%
    2-3 -8%
    3-4 -10%

    WOT Up Shift MPH
    1-2 38MPH
    2-3 75MPH
    3-4 123MPH

    WOT Down Shift MPH
    1-2 33MPH
    2-3 74MPH
    3-4 118MPH

    WOT Up Shift RPM
    1-2 5900
    2-3 5900
    3-4 5900

    WOT Shift Pressure
    1-2 +4% Firm
    2-3 +6% Firm
    3-4 +8% Firm

    PART Throttle Shift Pressure
    1-2 +6% Firm
    2-3 +8% Firm
    3-4 +10% Firm

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    I had james at RWRD do a great job. You need to monitor and report back all info for a perfect tune.

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    I tryed this tune I found it not better than the diable tune, I also found that the long term tune was around 10.4. I don't understand the tune and what to do with it without damaging the engine so I put it back to the diable tune. I have a cai, ported maf and I put in a variram for the throdlebody and thats it. I ran a 13.3 in the 1/4 last year with the maf port and drag bags, diablo tune and stock tires. I hoping for 12's with drag tires and correct tune and headers. I'm thinking of shorty headers, I looked around and found that they give the save as long tubes. Any info that race the 1/4.? Ron

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    The NASCAR Tune was a ok place to start, but his settings are ones that will only apply to his car. Not all cars are the same and the say my fuel settings are "this" you should run your the same is a joke. As far as trans settings again I found his to be a good starting point but have since modified mine even better (again for my A4). So guy and gals make your own choice, and take the time to do some loging and then make adjustments. If you dont know what your looking at in the log then ask. There are plenty of folks here to help. And for that matter if you dont know then you shouldnt be making adjustments to the peramiters anyhow.

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