Pontiac Heaven at Speedworld Motorplex - Pontiac Pavement Pounders
For 2007, Speedworld Motorplex and Steve Barcak's Pontiac Heaven once again played host to HPP's Pavement Pounders Shootout. Due to a few mechanical difficulties, this year's participant list was cut to three, though each of them is certainly worthy of these pages and will provide potent combinations that you may want to try in your Pontiac.
Lucas Flanscha's Fowler, Colorado-based '76 Firebird decked out in Ultra-Violet Pearl Purple is not only a rolling advertisement for his autobody shop but it's also a low 12-second performer with a 0.030-over 400 powerplant, Turbo 400 and 3.73 gears.

Tony Valdois of Colorado Springs, Colorado, represents the A-body contingent with his clean and quick 11-second street/strip Lucerne Blue '72 LeMans. It features a 0.040 over 455 with KRE heads, a Turbo 350 trans and a 4.11-geared rear.

Ray Baumgardner hails from Phoenix and Speedworld is his '78 T/A's home track. This 0.030 over 455-powered F-body sports a Turbo 400, stout 4.33 gears, and produces 11-second time slips.

Weather Report
The temperature rose from 75 to 86 degrees throughout the day. Density altitude increased from approximately 3,000 to 3,800 feet, so we will multiply by a factor of 0.9635 for e.t. and 1.0348 for mph for 3,800 feet to chart the theoretical best performance at sea level. This will be done on the best pass only for each participant.
Owner Bio: Lucas Flanscha
Talk about making the most of a freebie. Lucas got his Firebird and its title for free just for hauling it away when he was 14 years old. "All my friends told me it would never see the road or track," he recalled. "The looks on their faces the first time I drove it to high school were priceless! I finished 2nd and 1st in my last two years of the high school drags. In '03 I was 3rd, in '04 I was 2nd, and in '05 I was Sportsman Champion. In 2006, I finished 6th my first year of Pro ET," he told HPP. Now 27, Lucas has been racing his Bird for 11 years and owns Wildfire Autobody. He makes time for his wife and three children when he is not racing in the Summit ET series at his home track, running in demolition derbies or working on his '64 421 Grand Prix, two '69 Firebird projects, '70 Bonneville coupe, or '71 Grand Prix.
Strip Tuning LogRun/TuningLaunch RPMShift Pt.60-ft.1/8-mile1/4-mile1. Jets #86/90, 10.5 psi rear, 35 psi front3,0005,2001.677.69/88.1012.16/109.302. Same3,0005,2001.677.69/88.0412.15/109.494. Same3,0005,2001.687.70/88.1812.16/109.956. Same3,0005,2001.687.70/88.0012.17/109.317. Same3,0005,2001.677.69/88.1312.15/109.94BEST PASS CORRECTED11.70/113.76Best of 5 passes listed. Run Notes: 1-7) Good clean runs
Strip SpecsYear/Model'76 Firebird "Wildfire"Race Weight With Driver3,516 lbs.Curb Weight3,354 lbs.Fuel Level When Last WeighedFull FuelPump gas and VP racing fuel mixed 1:1 Engine'75 XZ-code 400Cubic Inches Before/After400/406Engine Built ByOwnerPower AdderNoneInduction SystemAir Cleaner9-in diameter K&NCarburetorDemon 750 cfmJets#78/#79Spacer PlateNoneIntake ManifoldHolley Street Dominator, single-planeFuel SystemPumpHolley black electricLines8-AN cell to pump, 8-AN pump to reg., dual 6-AN to carbRegulatorAeromotive set to 8 psiHeadsCasting'69 #62PortingOwner per Jim Hand's book, exhaust crossover filledFlow NumbersN/AValvesFerrea ss 2.11/1.77-inBottom EndPistonsSpeed-Pro forged flat-top, with valve reliefs, 4.15-inRingsSpeed-Pro molyRodsStock cast recon, 6.625-in, ARP bolts Compression Ratio10.5:1CrankshaftStock cast, 3.75-in strokeRotating Assembly BalancedYesCamshaftBrandCrower solid, flat-tappet Duration at 0.050252/266-degDuration Advertised300/310-degLift With Specified Rocker Arms0.524/0.527-in, with lash of 0.018-inLobe Separation Angle110-degInstalled Position106-degRocker ArmsHarland Sharp 1.60:1 rollerIgnitionDistributorMSD Pro-BilletAmplifierMSD 6AL with 3-stepCoilMSDWiresACCEL 8mmSpark PlugsAC R43STotal Timing36-degRpm That Total Timing Is Reached2,600 ExhaustHeadersHooker CompetitionPrimaries1.625-inCollectors3.00-inExhaust Pipes3.50-inMufflersFlowmaster 1 chamber 4.00 in. diameterCrossoverNoneDrivetrainTransmissionTurbo 400 reverse-manual valvebody, transbrakeConverterHughes, 10-inch, 3,500 rpm stallShifterB&M Pro RatchetRearGM 8.5-inRear Gear Ratio3.73:1PosiStockAxlesMoser C-clip replacement-typeChassis and SuspensionBrakes F/RStock 10.9-in disc/9.5-in (aluminum) drumsWheels F/RCragar S/S 15x6/15x10Tires F/RCooper 215/75R14 / M/T 29.5x10.5x15 slicks Tire Pressure F/R36 psi/10.5 psiSuspension FrontSpringsStock Control ArmsStock Stabilizer BarRemovedShocksSummit 90/10 dragSuspension RearSpringsStockStabilizer BarNoneShocksStockOther FeaturesSlapper barsChassis Mods8-point cage, sub-frame connectorsThe RestInterior ModsGaugesExterior ModsShaker mounted to hood, rear spoilerSafety ModsDriveshaft loopPaintUltra violet pearl purpleLaunch TechniqueTransbrake with 3 step at 3,000 rpm Best 1/8-mile ET, mph prior to eventN/ABest 1/4-mile ET,mph prior to event12.646, 105.73 at my home track. 4,900 ft. elevation11.983, 111.38 at Division 5 E.T. final in Topeka, Kansas
Owner Bio: Tony Valdois
"I love the fact that where I live, my '72 LeMans is one of a kind," said Tony Valdois. "I can't drive it down the street without somebody giving me the thumbs-up or stopping me to ask about the car." Though the outward appearance of the LeMans speaks for itself, it's why the 38-year-old automotive store assistant manager keeps it that is poignant. "My wife's uncle was the second owner and when he passed away in 1995, my wife and I decided to purchase the car so that it would stay in the family," Tony recalled. "We originally bought it as a driver but soon after took it to the track one Friday night and it was all downhill after that." This led the 20-year dragstrip veteran to his proudest moment in his LeMans. "I won the 2003 National Dragster Challenge and my first Wally," Tony says. "I was at Pueblo Motorsports Park on Father's Day and my oldest daughter was there to celebrate with me. I am looking forward to the day my daughters are able to drive down the track and feel for themselves the adrenaline rush you get when you pass your opponent and cross the finish line for a win."
Strip Tuning LogRun/TuningLaunch RPMShift Pt.60-ft.1/8-mile1/4-mile1. Front jets 0.113, Rods 0.073x0.052, Rear jets 0.1171,8005,8001.647.57/90.54 11.91/112.832. Same1,8005,8001.637.56/90.57 11.89/113.003. Same1,8005,8001.657.60/90.35 11.93/113.734. Same1,8005,8001.717.76/90.02 12.11/113.136. Added Torco 110 Race Fuel1,8005,8001.627.53/90.66 11.86/113.51BEST PASS CORRECTED11.42/117.46Best of 5 passes listed. Run Notes: 1) Hooked well, 4) Bogged off the line, 6) Hooked well.
Strip SpecsYear/Model'72 LeMansRace Weight With Driver3,666 lbs.Curb Weight3,480 lbs.Fuel Level When Last Weighed1/4 tankFuel91-octaneEngine'70 YH-code 455Cubic Inches Before/After455/464Engine Built ByAngelo Vigil-Geddes Automotive Machine, Colorado Springs, ColoradoPower AdderNoneInduction SystemAir CleanerK&N, 14x3-in, K&N Extreme Airflow lidCarburetorEdelbrock 1407, 750 cfmJets0.113/0.117Metering Rods0.065x0.037, Blue Spring 3-in. hg.Spacer Plate1/2-inch wood, openIntake ManifoldPerformer RPMFuel SystemPumpHolley BlueLines3/8-inRegulatorHolley, 6.5 psiHeadsBrandKRE Aluminum D-port, 85cc chambersHead PortingAs delivered from KRE Flow Numbers260-270 cfm at 28 inches of pressureValvesFerrea 2.11/1.77-inBottom EndPistonsKeith Black Hypereutectic flat-top 0.040 overRingsTotal-Seal Moly RodsStock cast, 6.625-inCompression Ratio11:1CrankshaftStock, 4.210-in strokeRotating Assembly BalancedYesCamshaftBrandComp Cam, hyd., flat-tappetDuration at 0.050240/246-degDuration Advertised284/296-degLift With Specified Rocker Arms0.507/0.510-inLobe Separation Angle110-degInstalled PositionStraight upRocker ArmsComp Cams, Magnum roller, 1.52:1IgnitionDistributorStock HEIAmplifierNoneCoilStockWiresTaylor 8mmSpark PlugsAutolite 3911Total Timing28-degRpm That Total Timing Is Reached2,500 rpmExhaustHeadersHooker CompPrimaries1.75 x 28-inCollectors3.00-inExhaust Pipes3.00-inMufflersMagnaFlow 3.00-inCrossover3.00-in by Muffler Masters, Colorado Springs, ColoradoDrivetrainTransmissionTurbo 350, B&M shift kitConverterContinental, 10-inch, 2,800 stallShifterStock columnRearGM 12-boltRear Gear Ratio4.11PosiEatonAxlesStockChassis and SuspensionBrakes F/RStock 10.9-in disc/9.5-in drumWheels F/RCenterline Warrior, 15x4/15x9Tires F/R165R15 Metric / M/T 28x10.50x15 slicksTire Pressure F/R45 psi /12 psiSuspension FrontSpringsHotchkis 1-in dropControl ArmsStockStabilizer BarStock ShocksGabrielSuspension RearSpringsStock AC DelcoControl ArmsHotchkis Rear Suspension SystemStabilizer BarNoneShocksGabrielOther FeaturesLakewood traction barsChassis ModsStockThe RestInterior ModsNoneExterior ModsNoneSafety ModsNonePaintLucerne BlueLaunch TechniqueFootbrake 1,500-1,800 rpmBest 1/8 mile ET, mph prior to event7.30, 90 mphBest 1/4 mile ET, mph prior to event12.18, 110 mph
Owner Bio: Ray Baumgardner
Having once been a team roper and currently a truck driver, 37-year-old Ray Baumgardner is no stranger to taking control of wild rides. His '78 T/A is a good example. "It was a cheap starter car and I like Trans Ams," he told HPP, regarding the Pontiac he purchased in 2003. "Besides, I got in 'big trouble' in one when I was in high school!" Since he began racing four years ago, Ray has posted several Top 10 Wins in Division 7 series NHRA Drag Racing, he was the 2005 Division 7 Champion, and runner-up in Pamona, California, at the year-end National Finals. Pontiacs that have passed through Ray's hands over the years include a '66 4-door LeMans, a '67 LeMans, an '00 Grand Prix GTP, and a '74 Ventura.
Strip Tuning LogRun/TuningLaunch RPMShift Pt.60-ft.1/8-mile1/4-mile1. No preload on CalTracs, Shocks set on 52,7005,0001.567.19/94.2911.37/116.952. Same2,7005,0001.537.14/94.3011.33/116.783. Same2,7005,0001.527.12/94.5611.30/117.05BEST PASS CORRECTED10.88/121.124. Same2,7005,0001.537.14/94.3911.32/117.496. Same2,7005,0001.567.19/94.1211.37/117.57Best of 5 passes listed. Run Notes: None
Strip SpecsYear/Model'78 T/ARace Weight With Driver3,380 lbs.Curb Weight3,120 lbs.Fuel Level When Last Wweighed1/4 tankFuelTorco 114-octaneEngine455Cubic Inches Before/After455/462Engine Built ByZimmerman Racing Engines in Phoenix, ArizonaPower AdderNoneInduction SystemAir CleanerK&N for shakerCarburetorHolley 800 cfm DPJets#79/#84Spacer PlateNoneIntake ManifoldHolley Street Dominator, single-planeFuel SystemPumpStandard AC high-volume pumpLinesStockRegulatorNoneHeadsCasting'70 #13 D-portHead PortingPete McCarthyFlow Numbers290/220 cfmValvesFerrea ss 2.11/1.77-inBottom EndPistonsSRP forged, flat-top, 4.18-inRingsTotal-Seal ClassicRodsEagle Forged H-Beam 6.625-inCompression Ratio11:1CrankshaftStock iron 4.210-in strokeRotating Assembly BalancedYesCamshaftBrandCrane, hyd. flat-tappet R/A-IVDuration at 0.050, intake/exhaust230/240-degDuration Advertised308/320-degLift With Specified Rocker Arms0.516/0.516Lobe Separation Angle114-degInstalled PositionN/ARocker ArmsCrane Gold roller 1.65:1IgnitionDistributorGM HEIAmplifierMallory HyFire VCoilMalloryWiresMoroso 8mmSpark PlugsAC R45STotal Timing36-degRpm That Total Timing Is ReachedLocked distributorExhaustHeadersHookerPrimaries1.875-inCollectors3.00-inExhaust PipesNoneMufflersGeneric header mufflers 3-in inlet/outletCrossoverNoneDrivetrainTransmissionTurbo 400, performance rebuild (left in Drive)ConverterMark Yakavone, 10-in, 3,800 rpm stallShifterB&M RatchetRearGM 12-boltRear Gear Ratio4.33:1SpoolStrangeAxlesTom's Axles, 35-splineChassis and SuspensionBrakes F/RStock 10.9-in disc/Wilwood discWheels F/RWeld Convo Pro 15x4/15x10Tires F/RGoodyear, 28x3.5x15 Front Runner/Goodyear 31.5x10.5x15 slicksTire Pressure F/R40 psi/10.5 psiSuspension FrontSpringsStockControl ArmsStockStabilizer BarRemovedShocksSummit 90/10Suspension RearSpringsCalTrac MonoleafStabilizer BarNoneShocksRancho RS9000 set at 5Other FeaturesAluminum driveshaft, CalTrac Traction systemChassis ModsS&W 8-point cage, CE sub-frame connectorsThe RestInterior ModsNoneExterior ModsStock hood scoop opened upSafety Mods5-point harness, driveshaft loop, SFI-approved drivetrain partsPaintMartinique BlueLaunch Technique3,000 rpm on transbrakeBest 1/8-mile e.t., mph prior to eventN/ABest 1/4-mile e.t., mph prior to event11.02, 120 mph 40-deg air, density altitude 1,100 feet below sea level
Lucas Flanscha
Lucas and his '76 Bird were deadly consistent during the shootout with his best and worst e.t.s differing by only 0.02 of a second in the passes we listed. He recalled, "The track was good in the morning, then got slick in the afternoon, but it came back again in later rounds. My car hooked well." The best pass was his seventh, posting 12.15 at 109.94 on a 1.67 60-ft time. Of the shootout and the event Lucas said, "It was great, and lot's of fun."
Tony Valdois
Tony decided to stay with the same tune for the duration of the shootout, except for a single change in fuel, going to Torco 110-octane race gas on the sixth pass. Though he had some bogging problems at mid-day, the fuel upgrade combined with a good hooking track late in the day resulted in a 1.62 short time and a 11.86 e.t. to cap off his best run. Tony said, "My LeMans responded very well to the track, conditions were good and it hooked great." Regarding the shootout he commented, "It was very relaxed, which made my racing day more enjoyable."
Ray Baumgardner
Ray also made passes while maintaining the tune that his '78 T/A arrived with. Knowing the track as he does paid off. The T/A was very consistent-running between 11.30 and 11.37 for the passes listed. The best was 11.30 at 117.05 on a 1.52 60-ft time. Ray said, "I like a sticky track-that's what my car needs. This one was not as sticky as I would like it to be. The car reacted better than most nights that I race here, however. It hooked okay." Ray also related, "I liked the fact that I could make more passes during the shootout than a normal race day-any time I race my T/A is a perfect day!"
So what did we learn from our excursion to the Southwest? Lucas Flanscha taught us that just because it's free, like his '76 Firebird, it doesn't mean it's a parts car. The results of his 400 build-up and winning ways should be an inspiration to anyone who has accepted a hand-me-down Pontiac or who has been lucky enough to score one for nothing and is now looking to build it up.
Tony Valdois has carried the torch proudly for an uncle who has passed on. Not only did he save his '72 LeMans from becoming another typical Pontiac used car or worse, a parts car to restore a GTO, but he has built it into a competitive 455-powered 11-second racer and a potent street machine.
Ray Baumgardner has shown what can be accomplished in a very short time with his '78 Trans Am. He has only been racing for four years, yet he has already been an NHRA Division 7 Champion and has consistently performed well in his class, proving it's never too late to go racing a Pontiac.
HPP would like to thank the Steve Barcak and the Pontiac Heaven staff, as well as the management and crew of Speedworld Motorplex for their assistance in making this shootout possible.

Photo Gallery: Pontiac Pavement Pounders Shootout at Speedworld Motorplex - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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