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Performance Chips

This is a discussion on Performance Chips within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I was looking on Ebay today for GTO parts and saw one of those performance chips that they say increases ...

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    Performance Chips

    I was looking on Ebay today for GTO parts and saw one of those performance chips that they say increases your HP by 50+ and your MPG by 15+. Do these really work and do they harm your engine in any way? I have always been skeptical of these types of things because it just sounds to easy.

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    Simple answer.

    No they dont work.

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    stay away from the "chips"!!!!

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    You'll probably find its an AIT resistor that clips into the air intake temp sender plug.
    Tells the ECU that the airs colder than it actually is resulting in more fuel.

    Dont go there, get a tune if you want a proper safe increase

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    i lol @ person who says "mods? heck yeah man i got a chip!!!"

    chips do nothing,

    they work well on deisels but do jip for gassers

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    I saw this back innnnn like 2003 when I had a grand am, it was something like "intake air temp resistor mod" it tricks your PCM into thinking the air coming in is steadily 32 degrees F no matter what, so the idea is since cold air is denser it pumps more fuel per injector pulse "to make more power" but actually it causes it to run rich and can foul up O2 sensors and the like......the eBay "powerchips" like the ^^poster said is prob. just a resistor that plugs into the IAT sensor. For the $30 or so this gimmick is, save another $15 or $20 more and get a K&N drop in filter for around $45-50......legit mod from a real company with a warranty, and some ppl actually notice gas mileage increases.

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