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This is a discussion on ouch... within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Contagious74 The worse part is.. some punk kid will end up buying it, bolt a bunch of ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contagious74 View Post
    The worse part is.. some punk kid will end up buying it, bolt a bunch of plastic dress up crap to it. fill the trunk with cheap radio shack speakers, do a home installed window tint, bubbles and all, throw some preowned rims on it and then drive it like it's a rental. A sad day in car resale world. *shares in your mourning Orion*
    I believe this to be true. A few days ago I saw a kid prolly around 18-20ish with a TA and it was a total mess. Whole front end was missing paint. Doors popped and crackled when he opened the driver door. He had to slam the crap out of the door to close it and it sounded like the door was full of broken glass or gravel.. Bald tires on all 4 corners. He got on it cuz I was starring in disgust, a misfire and a pop out of TB and away he went..

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    well, i just solved my issue with seeing my old GTO...i bought it back today...traded it in 6 months ago during a spiraling depression over lost love or some crap, and working at the dealership, i had to see it everyday (even worse, watching idiots test-drive it or watching snow fall on it, which NEVER would happen to one of my cars) sick of the sick feeling, bought it back, and made out great on it actually, they had just marked it just to recondition her back into shape!
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