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Oil Catch can

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    Oil Catch can

    How often do you check it a catch can?

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    Mine gets emptied no matter what every oil change which is every 3000 miles or 3 months. So far I have not had more then an ounce at the most. I do take the entire bottom off of mine though instead of draining the can from its bolt to make sure i get a good majority out.

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    Just depends on the type of catch can you use. I usually use a glass type you put on a air compressor line so you can see when it starts to fill up. Unscrew pour out excess than spray out with brake clean.

    I have also seen a difference on type of oil used. Some oils tend to mist easier in the under the valley pan so you have more of a oil mist that get's sucked up.

    What can are you using. Does it have like a Scotch Brite pad in it to catch oil or what?
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    I empty mine every oil change ( 500 miles or 10 hours engine run time)....get a tablespoon full each time. The reason you should do this is to keep the can operating at maximum efficiency...the fuller it gets the less efficient.....

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    hey sarge, is there any special reason you change your oil every 500 miles?

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    Big ass cam and high compression= fuel dilution.

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