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Nicest Car I Ever Owned Is...

This is a discussion on Nicest Car I Ever Owned Is... within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Mentioned in another post and thought this would make a good thread. I took the wife out last night and ...

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    Cool Nicest Car I Ever Owned Is...

    Mentioned in another post and thought this would make a good thread.

    I took the wife out last night and driving home I told her that this was the nicest car I ever owned... even nicer than my 99 SS, which was sweet. I'm real happy to be back to the 6 speed too.

    I just past 500 miles and am right at home shifting again. It's a little different than my 99 because the rear is geared a little higher (3.46 vs. 3.42 I think) and tire size a little smaller. The 400 ci engine seems to have a little more braking power, too.

    I remember Scott Settlemire (Camaro guy for GM) said a lot of people like the Mustang because it's a compromise car. OK performance, but a better back seat and trunk area. So, they can use it as a family car where as the Camaro really can't be.

    Well... this GTO is no compromise. It's basically a 2 door family sedan (coupe) with world class performance built in. I like that it has a real back seat, decent trunk space and higher sitting, very comfortable seats.

    One more point I was thinking of... A Corvette is out of my budget right now, but if it wasn't, I think I like this car better anyway. I've driven a Corvette. The engine / tranny part of it feels no different. It would be a contest of driving skill in the 1/4 mile.

    The Vette seats are kind of low and forget family sized back seat and trunk space. It has some nice, technological extras and there would be little contest in a road course race, but the GTO's amenities are fine and handling just great for every day driving.

    So, I'm thinking this is one great car... 'the one' I've always wanted, no compromise, no missing items off my wish list.

    Those high school and college dreams do come true eventually (I'm 42 now). I just kept working hard, growing the paycheck and saving.

    How about you guys. What do you think?

    And I wonder if I should cross post this in the Corvette forum...??? Or would that start a...

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    Good post. Yup often times I get accused of pimping what I own when I talk about the power/ride/comfort/quality of the GTO. Just no comparison. Even when I took her over 600RWHP the ride quality stayed the same. Dayum fine car....the best GM ever put out IMHO.

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    nice post. Amazing GTOs are what keeps the muscle car industry to thrive for years. Now GM is likelyto roll out a Camaro twin GTO soon.

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    Yep! The GTO is a great all around small family type performance car. Aside from the softly sprung suspension and small wheels it's a remarkable car. Plus it can make some serious horsepower if need be.

    Comfortable seating both front and rear was my deciding factor for wanting this car and it has an LS2 powerplant. I loved my 00 Camaro SS but it's primative compared to the goat.

    I can only now wonder how the 2nd gen new GTO (if its ever produce) will perform.

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