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I need help choosing a CAM

This is a discussion on I need help choosing a CAM within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys I have been thinking about purchasing a cam but I want to know if it will give me ...

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    I need help choosing a CAM

    Hey guys I have been thinking about purchasing a cam but I want to know if it will give me power for the money that I am going to spend. I have a 04 GTO with just cold air intake,and running straight pipe, no tune or anything. I know that if I get a cam I will have to get it tuned, but I want to know if I can put a cam in a pretty much stock 04? I am running 13.5 1/4 on street tires. Just want to break into the 12's, without going broke.

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    Aint no freebies in performance modifications. There are a few small cams out there that can be used with stock exhaust..........but they are not much larger than stock. You can always strap on the bottle (nos)....thats the cheapest way without all the extras. Otherwise, with a cam comes the need for headers and a tune. Also, if you have an auto, then you would probably need to upgrade the converter. There is also changing gear ratios..........3:91's are quite popular...but also a bit pricey.
    As you can see,,one thing alway begets another once you start modding.
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    I'd get it tuned first.

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    dont go cheap.

    save some $$$ and do it right....

    i think it is best to do the simple bolt ons/ supporting mods FIRST....
    then the h/c and then a tune and be done with it.

    if i were you id.... get some kooks/arh LT's....

    then look into getting a cam....... 224-228 range would be a nice upgrade....
    and then a tune........

    you will be very happy.
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