HPP's Bona Fide Suspension Guide - Modern Suspension Systems

Examining Bolt-On Kits For '64-'73 GTO And '64-'77 LeMansIf you've got a vintage GTO, LeMans, Tempest or T-37, you already know how quick it is stoplight to stoplight. With tires squealing, and Tri-Powers or four-barrels punched wide open, it's all about memories (if you're old enough) of Friday and Saturday nights spent proving who had the quickest car in town. But pilot your Poncho on twisting mountain roads, or worse, an autocross course, and the fond memories of days gone by quickly fade into a resounding cry for help with the realization that your vehicle's suspension is about as modern as black-and-white TVs and transistor radios.

Photo Gallery: Suspension Guide - Modern Suspension Systems - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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