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How they have fallen

This is a discussion on How they have fallen within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Y2KArcticSS I got 2 boys and the SS is my DD They love it, the older son ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2KArcticSS View Post
    I got 2 boys and the SS is my DD They love it, the older son (3) makes car noises all the time and has a TON of Hot Wheels The younger one (3 months) gets lulled to sleep by the drone of the exhaust.

    Granted it is difficult to get them in and out, but it's not that bad. Still going to keep the Impala, but I just don't trust it to go the 100+ miles a day anymore.
    My little girl is 20 months. Already loves muscle cars too. Gramma and Pap-pap took her to a fair she cried most of the time till the parade of muscle cars went by. Pap said she was glued to them going by. I said, "Thats my girl"! My wife says I have to buy a freakin' SUV, she says, "No more sports cars!" I'm still tryin' to sell her on the new Camaro though. She said," so help me God if you come home in one, you'd better be plannin' on sleepin' in it!" I said, OKAY just before my face caught on fire from the evil stare I got!LOL

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    Is this the same guy who owns a tuning shop in Macomb?
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