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how much hp will i have

This is a discussion on how much hp will i have within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I run a Speed Density Tune on the 408 Stroker. No comparison.........

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    I run a Speed Density Tune on the 408 Stroker. No comparison......

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    Quote Originally Posted by empaler View Post
    Thank you for that

    I am new to the game. So i considered doing my research . And thought that I would go with something that was already tested. The parts that i have gotten were indeed on someone else LS1 . I am know finding out that i have to do a lot to get my car fast . This is becoming more than rocket science to get my car to 500hp at the crank. Damn I should stick to just buying showing room fast an leaving it at that

    Having a fast car and having big dyno numbers are 2 different things. Changing from a stock stall to the 3200 should pick you up .5 second provided you can hook yet it will not add any HP. It will actually take away some. My Z28 has/had (long story) a MS3 cam w/kit, 3600 stall, LS6 intake , LT's True duals, lid, MAF, 42lb injectors, Moser 9 inch w/4.11 and through an unlocked stall I made 350 rwhp tuned. I never got to run it at the track but can guesstimate I dropped at least 1.5 second or more from a wheelspinning 13.3. Dyno numbers should be for tuning purposes, especially with an auto. You can drop probably a second without adding much hp. It's all in the set up. If you want numbers, stuff like a MS4 will get the numbers but a correct combo can get you faster times and a truly faster car. Expect at least 50 hp less at the wheels than the fly with a loose stall and the IRS.

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    Thank you for that knowledge

    Cause it seems that i have feel in to the horsepower bragging game. i was looking for a fast car also a big hp bragging number. Not looking for the correct way to just blow the doors off some cars that are doing the same thing that i was doing bragging about how much hp i goo

    my pursuit is to have a fast car that can hold it own on the weekend. without modding it to be a full fledge dragster. So if we have anymore solutions to make my Beast faster let me know . i do not want to get scammed by the promise of a label . (will give you a additional 60hp ,but when you get it you get 20rwhp)

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