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How do I install strut mounts?

This is a discussion on How do I install strut mounts? within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I am going crazy here trying to make sure I know exactly what I'm doing. Are there any write ups ...

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    How do I install strut mounts?

    I am going crazy here trying to make sure I know exactly what I'm doing. Are there any write ups on how to do this?

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    its pretty easy.
    jack the car up.
    take wheels off
    remove tierod end
    pop brake line loose from mount
    remove lower 2 strut bolts.
    remove the smaller 3 top nuts.
    slide strut assmembly out.
    use strut style spring compressors (can rent from parts stores)
    tighten clamps (very tight)
    loosen and remove top center nut.
    replace mount and reassemble

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    This helped alot
    Now you can either take the dismounted assembly and pay roughly $100 for them to swap the springs etc. or you can do it yourself, I found a tool called a strut tower bolt remover (don't know the exact name) made it easier I have done it trying to use a wrenches and it sucks lots of swearing and the shock spinning. Get the tool at a car parts store or take it to a shop to take the assembly apart for you.

    And I just realized this was for a goat but I will post the link for anyone else just in case

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    Quote Originally Posted by blk-ws6 View Post
    I am going crazy here trying to make sure I know exactly what I'm doing. Are there any write ups on how to do this?
    On the GTO it's pretty straight forward. 24mm deep socket to take the top strut nut off. Then thread it on a few turns by hand until the crimped section starts to lock.
    Jack the car up
    Remove the tire
    Remove the ABS and Brake lines from the strut. They will twist out.
    Remove the endlink from the sway bar or the strut body.
    Remove the brake caliper bolt next to the strut bolts.
    Remove the strut bolts (2). Lower the knuckle, watch the tension on the brake lines.
    Hold the strut in one hand, remove the top nut with the other and the strut should drop out.
    Remove the 2nd 24mm nut. The washer, mount & bearing will come off then. I suggest using a spring compressor for safety. The bearing may / will probably come apart, so replace them anyway unless they are fairly new.

    Bearing goes in the mount white side in (yellow showing) when installed.

    Make sure the 2nd cupped washer is still facing down (unbrella) against the step in the strut shaft, then install the new mount and bearing on top of the spring retainer.

    2nd cupped washer next facing up (teacup) then the OE nut. Impact this on.

    Place the strut assy back into position and hang it by the top nut and strut plate.

    2 strut nuts and bolts, caliper bolt, brake & ABS lines and wheel back on and GENTLY lower car making sure the strut mount seats. Impact the 24mm crimp nut back on.

    Should be good to go. Get an alignemnt when you're done.
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