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Hmmm....Borla Exhaust?

This is a discussion on Hmmm....Borla Exhaust? within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I am thinking about getting a Borla for my 06 Goat..and will eventually get the LT SLP headers also..Just wanted ...

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    Hmmm....Borla Exhaust?

    I am thinking about getting a Borla for my 06 Goat..and will eventually get the LT SLP headers also..Just wanted to hear someone eles opinion on that set-up. Maybe someone has the borla and can tell me how it sounds and all. Or even better someone has both and can tell a little about it. Also if anyone could tell me a good place to buy a noltec rear diff insert I'd apperciate it...Thanks.
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    Go Borla

    I have an 04 GTO, and before u say o thats not an 05 or 06, the exhausts on the cars are pretty much the same except that they exit differently. I have LT slp headers with the high flow cats kit, then i added a borla catback. I have never been disapointed! U will want to get on it at every light because of such a great sound, (AND POWER). even all my friends who own muscle and sports cars, still tell me how fuckin sick my car sounds when i come down the street! go with BORLA

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    Borla is ok. A little exotic sounding for my taste. IMO, its a waste of money to buy a cat back for an '05/'06. You already have true 2.5" dual exhaust. Why not just save the cashola and get your headers.....then see how it sounds. You might actually like it...and think of the money saved for other stuff. Great thing about our if you dont like something...just swap it out....(muffs/cats/resonator). I have LT's and no cats on the stock system...I get lots of compliments on the sound. Just food for thought.
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    I have an 04 and did the 06 rear bumper with the 06 Borla with the 5 inch tips. I also have kooks 1 3/4 LTs with catted mid pipes. It sounds good, not too loud and not too quiet, it does have a slight drone from 1300 to 1600 rpm. But once you romp on it from 2500 on up it sounds mean. Hit it from a roll at 4500 rpm and it sounds like a beast. It sounds like muscle mixed with a little bit of exotic but not too much. It is almost perfect for me. Search on and you can prolly find clips of it.

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    5" TIPS?!!??!!?

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    I have a Corsa exhaust system for a 04 GTO...I also slapped in a pair of JBA Headers and JBA 2.5" midpipes...i am loving it...I got the 4" single exit, and might look for the oval exit...

    Only complaint is lowend resonance at 1250-1500 RPM...After that there is no noise...I am looking for easy fixes, though i know there are none, there are no quick fixes...

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