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GTO trade for a 5th Gen ??

This is a discussion on GTO trade for a 5th Gen ?? within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by RoadWrath04 oddly enough over the weekend, we sold a camaro trading in a gto...unfortunately, the owner didn't ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadWrath04 View Post
    oddly enough over the weekend, we sold a camaro trading in a gto...unfortunately, the owner didn't take very good care of the goat, and it needs some serious work before we can resell, but i thought it was odd that i'd been seeing this board keep getting added comments, and that very situation pops up @ work...traded 2004 PBM manual w 60k in fair condition for a 2010 1SS Silver/black stripes, manual with black leather and no RS pck...around a $22k difference on trade...
    And I'll bet the Camaro will come in B2S.

    B2S=Beat to $^&%

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    There is only one car that I would be willing to trade my GTO in for........wait for it.........keep waiting.........06+ Z06!!!!

    There is no value in terms of a better vehicle with the Camaro. It's very close to the GTO but a Vette is a true step up in a car! One day I will have one. The LS7 Z06's are still going for about $40k so a no go and by the time they drop to my price I'll have too much work into the GOAT.

    Just my .02 cents...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shady milkman View Post
    mind your goat grew on would a SS is just how our minds work...they justify purchases
    I doubt it, I don't think I'll ever come to like the ass end of the new camaros. There's something about it that makes me shiver, it's like they had the front end developed and ran out of ideas for the rear end. So they said "hey we have some extra tail lights from the equinox! We'll just graft those on and save .75 cents! I never hated the GTOs looks,WAS just unsure about them, I have a 66 GTO and have always been a die hard traditionalist with ponchos so the 04 was a bit hard to swallow, the exhaust and lack if scoops and running high 13s just made me think about it.

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    i wouldnt let my dad trade his GTO for a 5th gen. they are cool cars
    but not as cool as a GTO i do say they are faster with the right driver..(i dont have a driver mod) but GTO is still way better...and actually has a spare tire. how can you compete with that?
    camaros have fix a flat can where the spare goes. wth?

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