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GT oweners thinking about twin turbo's please read

This is a discussion on GT oweners thinking about twin turbo's please read within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Thread of the install is here. Note right up front I specified a quite system and he said no problem. ...

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    GTO owners thinking about twin turbo's please read

    Thread of the install is here. Note right up front I specified a quite system and he said no problem. Oil blowing out the BOV is normal.
    Something you should read if you are considering turbo's for your GTO.

    gto twin turbo build

    My car is slightly quieter than open headers. Not quite is an understatement.
    Remember customer wants quiet?

    the Install.
    7 tp 10 days was the contract. A little over a month later my car arrived back here.

    First drive. Car smokes. Does not have the power it had when I sent it.
    Next day take it to a local hot rod shop to see what the hell.

    Time I got there, stumbling and missing all the way.
    The rear of the car is soaked in oil. The exhast is spitting out oil and oil is dripping from the BOV where the charge is sending oil into the engine.
    Had to drive as easy as possible. Any throttle leaves a trail of back smoke. I did floor it once. Huge plume of back smoke. Twice cars got close behind me. They quickly backed way off after getting sprayed with oil. Illegal as hell to be driving the car at all. I will not crank it again until...

    Intake manfold has a leak all around the valley. Spray brake cleaner anywhere around the intake manifold and it changes the idle. Almost kills it.
    Did not really have to do that, you can hear it plainly over the loud exhast. Its a bad leak. Manifold will have to come off and be redone...thats easy!

    Charge pipes form the turbos on both sides ride on the 1/2 shafts. Sounds like a muffler dragging. No way to fix this. I guess QWKGTO did not expect me to put gas in it. Worse with gas but it dragged when I got it with the gas light on. Aluminum charge pipes both sides are almost burned through after the drive to the hot rod shop and back. 30 miles

    Had to park it outside, it has a fuel leak. Smells strong of gas inside and outside the car. First time my car has spent the night outside in 4 years.
    My car had never been driven in the rain.

    Front clip is not installed correctly. Body lines are as much as 1/2" out.

    I could go on and on. I am ripping it off today and restoring my car to the clean quite fairly powerful car I sent.

    I can not run it as it is. Burning oil, leaking gas, leaky intake manifold.
    Runs like sh*t. Hardly runs at all!!

    I have alot more pictures of this crap. Hard to show a black cars rear is soaked in oil. It is!! Exhaust just drips oil at does the BOV.
    Thats oil on that metal cross member by the BOV. that was clean. I show one charge pipe rubbing the 1/2 shaft. Both rub...I have many more photo's.

    I will post a video later. Nothing tells the story like a smoking oil blowing, metal grinding, video.
    Maybe he can do LS2's. Failed hoirribly on my LS1.
    Bad design from the start. I did not understand he was doing a STS type install. Told me the turbo's would go where the mufflers were.

    Roger Chaman told me all this happened in transport. 6500.00 twin turbo install. What a mistake. costly mistake.
    He did add BMR 1/2 shafts, CV's and an aluminum drive shaft, that seems fine. that was 1400.00 extra. I paid 8600.00 total for this crap I am going to take off. 1578.00 transport. 120.00 in parts I had to ship to Roger. Bought him a 279.00 wide band for his shop so he could do this.
    Then paid 60.00 in shipping.

    My experience.
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