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Fuel Pump ad nausea..

This is a discussion on Fuel Pump ad nausea.. within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; ..I thought I was happy as a liberal at a Streisand concert with my Kenne Bell BaP....but alas...402 w/200 shot ...

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    Fuel Pump ad nausea..

    ..I thought I was happy as a liberal at a Streisand concert with my Kenne Bell BaP....but alas...402 w/200 shot gonna make me off I go researching "other places".....holy shit....I'd rather wear a T-Shirt in downtown Tehran with a cartoon of Mohamed sucking a camels dick than keep reading all of those threads....
    Can't wait for Racetronix to "develop and test" the next generation of fuel I'm thinking the Walbro and the fuel bucket mod....OK...I can live with not letting the gas tank get below a 1/ that it? Is that the only issue? Anybody already do this? I gotta go wash my Mohamed T-Shirts...

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    We put a LPE Walbro in my buddies GTO. No mods of the bucket. He's only 435rwhp though but it holds pressure at all rpm. He also added 42# injectors in the hopes of spraying now. Have to see if the pump can keep up.

    A plug and play Racetronix would be nice. Heck, even a hot wire kit would be an improvement.
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    CW has had a racetronix in his car for a year now. They still aren't ready for the market yet?

    I am sure he would put in a good wors for ya Sarge! Want me to have Shane call him?

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