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Favored GTO launch?

This is a discussion on Favored GTO launch? within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Plan on taking the Goat to the drag strip this weekend, see how the ol' girl does. Any tips on ...

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    Favored GTO launch?

    Plan on taking the Goat to the drag strip this weekend, see how the ol' girl does.

    Any tips on launch techniques with this car? Will be running on the stock BFGoodrich GForce tires, traction control off. I'm a bit leary of putting drag radials on a car with an independant rear suspension, to be honest. My initial thought was to have the tach about 1800-2000 rpms and just very lightly and quickly slip the clutch out, trying to keep the rpms up without roasting the clutch OR the tires.

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    Well I'm putting down over 500 to the wheels and have a FinishLineTrans 4l65E Stage V w/transbrake and a Yank Pro Stock 3400 stall....solid 3 1/2" aluminum driveshaft going into a built rearend...koni drag shocks....poly bushings....blah blah blah...
    Rev it to 3600-3800 and let got of the button...I launch about 60% throttle for the first 30-40 feet.....
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    soft pedal it off the line, once you get around 3500rpms, floor it and go about your business, it seems if you try to launch ghard in these cars you either spin the first 60' or develop major axle hop for the first 10ft. both are bad for your E.T. this is what I used to do with the 05,I ran a 13.90@5800 ft, which is around 13 flat at sea level.
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