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This is a discussion on E85 within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Does anyone have a tune for E85? The octane rating is 105. Just curious if anyone has tried it. If ...

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    Does anyone have a tune for E85? The octane rating is 105. Just curious if anyone has tried it. If so what all does it take to make the switch. How much more HP would be expected on it?

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    Well you need to modify your entire fuel system firstly...E85 will eat a non flex fuel cars fuel system components....E85 you will lose power and MPG both.....I'm told a flex fuel capable vehicle auto adjust to the lower power of E85 and adjust back to the gasoline when it senses which is which.................

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    That is true about alcohol fuels. They do corrode and/or dissolve the fuel system in a nonflex fuel vehicle. It is also true that a flex fuel car will lose power when it is operated on E85, since it is 85% alcohol.

    So, you may wonder, why do race cars, such as the cars at Indy, use alcohol instead of gasoline. The paradox is that the cars make more power on alcohol. But how can that be you may think, because everybody knows flex cars do not perform as well on E85.

    The key to understanding the power issue, lies with understanding fuel atomization and CFM of air through the motor. A gallon of gasoline contains about 45,000 calories of energy while a gallon alcohol about 10,000 less or 35,000 calories. So, one gallon of gas correctly mixed at 14.7 to 1 air/fuel ratio will provide 45,000 calories of energy as it is consumed. It will drive the typical car 20 miles, while to do this with alcohol will require the consumption of approximately 20% more alcohol since it provides 35,000 calories per gallon. This of course means the car must burn 1.2 gallons of alcohol to do the same amount of work.

    But, the above consumption rates are based on an air/fuel ratio of around 14.1, which is ideal consumption for gasoline. Alcohol, however, is utilized (atomized) in the incoming air stream at twice the rate and thus will provide 50% more power, or 66,000 calories of energy for the same amount of AIR consumed if it the A/F mixture is rich enough, say, at 7.1. If you enrichened a gasoline A/F mixture to this amount the motor of course would stall and cease running.

    Hence, you can pack twice as much alcohol in the same amount of air as gasoline, which inturn, will provide about a 50% increase in power. Of course the MPG drops. But if your trying to win the Indy 500 or a Champ car race, it makes sense. These cars simply carry more fuel to cover the same distance between pit stops.

    So, to have a cost effective E85, it is being subsidized for now to make it cost effective with gasoline, and to foster an industry considered to be in its infancy.

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    E85 requires a much greater volume of fuel to produce a given amount of power. The pump, pickup, fuel line, injectors, and rails are barely adequate on the GTO as it is. Look to spend $1200-1500 for an E85 delivery system that could support 500 RWHP.

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