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E-brake handle prob

This is a discussion on E-brake handle prob within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; The ratchet mechanism on the e-brake handle on my 04 recently stopped working. I can pull the handle up and ...

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    E-brake handle prob

    The ratchet mechanism on the e-brake handle on my 04 recently stopped working. I can pull the handle up and the brake holds but, the handle won't remain there. Anyone had this problem ? If so, what was the fix ? Any specific tricks to disassembling the console to access the mechanism ?
    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    The handle won't stay up when you use the e-brake? You're gonna need a new handle. A few months ago my car used to slowly roll down my driveway with the e-brake on. Tuned out the previous owner replaced the rotors all around and never adjusted the e-brake shoes, causing me to pull the lever all the way up. My manager and I adjusted the rear shoes and I found the adjustment bolt on the e-brake handle(under rubber boot on e-brake handle between console and pass seat) and I am good to go now.

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    here you go, try this link, its for radion installation, but should help you get to the E-brake easier....or you can take the passenger seat out and pull back the rubber cover over the brake

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    Do not go out and buy a new handle. This is a really easy fix.

    Just pull the silver portion off, from the back of the handle, just pick it straight up and slide it forward off the button. next pull the boot off..

    There is two bolts, a nut and a connector you must remove to get the handle out of the car.

    Then you will notice a white nylon piece, that attaches to the button, and goes down to a piece that connects to the teeth.

    What happens is the piece will wear out, and come out of the clip area.

    Drill a hole in the plastic piece where it slides into the bracket, either zip tie or use safety wire and reconnect it and secure it back in place. Once you do that, it will never break again.

    There is a actual write up on some other GTO forums that have pictures.


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